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I still miss you good sir.

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My condolences to Ryan's wife, his family and his friends. Rest in Peace my good man. I shall dearly miss you. You brought so much joy to everyone with your infectious personality, happiness and passion.
Goodbye friend, the world has gone a little dimmer with the absence of your presence. :(

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Iknow I am very late and probably it has been corrected. I think it is called the Visceral Engine. Their own propriety engine.

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I am hyperventilating out of fear.

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Thinking about it more since I have digested the news. It is sad Whiskey Media split up. However I do not have a problem and see what happens.

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This is BIG news for me and I am surprised and this was unexpected. I hope that everything here at GiantBomb stays the same. If nothing changes on the front end here and everything goes on as it is, I will be happy. :)

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Played the first games all those years ago, loved them and still love the games. So this is going to be in first person. I think Starbreeze took a few pages out from Bethesda with Fallout 3. A risque maneuver by them, however I hope they prove people wrong and a good game can be done.

I liked the original style of the game. Shame they are not going to stick to Bullfrog's isometric strategy game. However I remain resolute that it will be a good game, if not, I shall be bloomin' annoyed if it is not.

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I am blind. Would it be correct to say that the other skins would eventually be released, ala Mortal Kombat style skins. 

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Good luck to Patrice Desiltes,  I look forward to what he is going to come up with there and well done to THQ getting him.  
Come to think of it, he could of gone anywhere in the world and went to THQ. They maybe doing something right by giving him the creative freedom. 

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I am glad this is game of the show. As my main reason is that it is a narrative driven game and that it is Irrational Games. It was close with Battlefield 3, Assassins Creed Revelations and maybe a couple of others. What I have seen and read so for has really impressed me, especially the visual style and the world Irrational games have created.     
I look forward when this game comes out and finally play it.