Reviews are up.

I re-published all of my old reviews. Oh, except my Starcraft II review, I should go get that. That's all I wanted to say for now. Taxonomic usually handles the big blogs anyway. This is a review that caused supreme, epic butthurt across the Gamespot community, and it was deleted from my review list. I then uploaded it in .txt format (I still have this), and someone named jepsen1977 uploaded it again for me but it didn't get deleted. I was so mad, being a Starcraft 1 addict and lover of the '-Craft' franchise in general. My review will explain how and why SC2 fails hard, but really, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see it. They just didn't want to hear the truth and they censored me once.
At least it was a review that had more votes than any of Tax's reviews at the time. I guess that was something.
Also, a portion of my review was featured on Encyclopedia Dramatica's Starcraft 2 page, and is STILL there to this day, allow me to link. Haha, but they put it under jepsen's name! Just scroll down a bit and you will see it.
I hope you enjoy my review, and Blizzard\Activision can kiss the darkest part of my white ass. So can the unrepentant fan boys, but not before I take a salted bat with barbed wire wrapped around it to their asses.