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G2A works and up until now there has been no real reason to not use it other than on moral grounds I guess. You pay them and they get you a steam key, fairly simple. Getting on a high horse and saying people shouldn't have trusted a service that's worked fine for ages doesn't help anyone. As everyone's already said, Ubisoft should be pursuing the sellers themselves rather than retroactively taking away copies of the game with little explanation.

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I bet it'll be much like PSO2

If people in this territory want to play it, they'll find a way to play it.

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This is right up there with people who complain about no good games coming out after the 90s

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Looks like a Japanese version of Ultimate Fighter.

You can just type in the cartridge number into google and it'll probably come up with the name of the game.

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Just bought the game. Name's jjvirt.6150

All about those endurance runs.

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How did this not come up yet?

Rival Videogame Website is the only real contender

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Welcome to the NHK is just an incredible show. It's basically about a college drop-out shut-in living in Tokyo and him trying to improve himself as a person. He experiences addictions, setbacks, and meets numerous people on the way that all differently affect his journey. I guess it's kind of a slice of life anime but it's hands down the best. I was 15 the first time I watched it and I go back to it every 1-2 years and every single time I watch it I find something new that really speaks to me at that point in my life.

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Lord Ryckert would not abandon us.

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