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I started watching Drew playing it and at some point waiting for a new episode I just played through the whole game. I thought it was great waiting to see how Drew would react differently to the parts I thought were total horseshit.

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Thank you so much

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My only problem with this was getting it to recognize my controller. I use a Thrustmaster wired Xbox 360 controller and the only way I could get the game to recognize it was to unplug my keyboard and mouse as soon as I launched the game in steam and then plugging in the controller once it got to the title screen. It was pretty silly because at first the controls were all the way fucked up where somehow fire ended up being bound to the start button.

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I realized about 2 hours into Nier that playing it was absolutely no fun. But I heard the story pays off so I kept going.

Then I got to the "end" and it made no goddamn sense and I read that I'm supposed to play new game+ or something to get the big picture. Did not do that

So in the end I don't even know.

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@lnin0 said:

It would be a different story if KOF was PS4 exclusive but SFV...who gives a rats

I want to live on your bizarro planet where more people care about KoF than SF.

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edit: all gone

Here you go

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The ending of Asura's Wrath. Played through it like 4 times but it gets me every time.

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I just built a computer a month ago and would highly recommend the Cooler Master HAF XB EVO as a case. It was my first time building by myself and having plenty of space for wiring made it a million times easier.

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The other Kite Co. salutes you.

One hell of an endeavor for one hell of a man.