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If I wasn't in college for the next 3 years I probably would've voted Jordans but right now gas is too big of an issue.

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I might not spend that much on a computer let alone a laptop. What I might recommend is building a desktop because you'll get way more value out of a $800 desktop than a $1200 laptop and then if you need a laptop for trips or something buying a cheaper one for basic tasks like word processing and browsing the internet.

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If you're tired of being able to get the apps or games that everyone is talking about, a Windows phone is a great way to go.

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The video card I just bought came with a code for this. Don't really know much about it but I guess I'll play it.

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We need the Ryan Davis X Barkerville mash-up

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The only thing in the world that I want is for Cody's U2 to have a better juggle property.

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My favorite comment on the stream

Justinmcelroy: i want everyone to remember that right now pope is doing this and not observing the first weeks of his newborn son

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Alpharetta, GA, USA

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It's as simple as the motherboard having a different socket type than the CPU. The motherboard has a LGA 1155 while the CPU has a LGA 1150 connection.

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I remember his story from years ago and it still seems like Bob continues to be king Crazy of Crazy Mountain. He's not crazy because he chooses to work on a passion project by himself for years. The problem is that the concept for the game is something straight out of the notebook of an 8 year old. Zelda, Earthbound, Pokemon, and Harvest Moon but better also a MMO. Also there's this whole other game inside of it that is "the greatest puzzle game ever made, and the only puzzle game objectively better than Tetris."

Don't waste your time when there are people out there who need money for videogames that may actually come out one day.