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I'm extremely happy with my pair of X42s. They just eat hella batteries but other than that they're great.

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I think the title of the thread is really misleading. Dragon Age isn't going to have multiplayer, end of story.

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Coke Zero because it's more edgy.

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Considering that the guys record 4-6 hours of weekly live streams where they talk about games, I go to the bombcast to hear them talk about something else.

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@darji said:

WOW Guys really? "The OMG How could they do this to the cake thing" was already laughable but this?

If you do not like it don't pledge it is as easy as that. Stop being offended by the smallest shit in the world and no one cares if you are. People are not forced in any way to pledge and if people want they can even go onto the street and burn their money or pledge this kickstarter.....

Well to be fair it was a pie.

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@phatmac said:

Dust: An Elysian Tale, Spelunky, Bastion, Trials Evolution, Bionic Commando, Costume Quest.

Dust is half price right now so no better time to pick it up.

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After Ego Draconis, I'd like to get a Kickstarter going to NOT make this game.

That game was so goddamn bad.

Always pumped for new RPGs though.

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Maybe like Dungeon Siege III or something.

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I'm a CS major and I think gooey sounds ridiculous.