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I'm glad someone finally decided to take the other viewpoint on this issue to write such a hardhitting and controversial list.

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Almost exclusively.

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If you watch the video on Polygon where they talk to the developers they talk a lot about how the game is built specifically around the way that the XONE uses "the cloud" for a lot of the computing in the game. If it were to come to PS4 they might have to make major changes to the way it is built altogether.

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Well too bad M$ is the devil and they suck and they smell bad.

Videogames are serious business.

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Those games sure look like games. Yup.

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Because Microsoft am the devil while Gabe Newell is the sole defender of the core gamer from hordes of disgusting casuals.

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The Flash.

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I've totally activated a starter pack on a trial account...

Whatever it takes, just get in this game's craziness.

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@tobbrobb said:

Man hearing about this makes me think I should restart. I'm just a few hours in and already feel like I broke the curve. The magic is just ridiculously strong, and you don't even have to put points into attack since the augments do all that work for you. I can totally see why the game wants you to spread out the points now, because maxing fidget early would just be broken.

If I remember correctly there are also rings that double your magic power so that's what I did for the last quarter of the game.

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Microsoft? More like BAD-crosoft!