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Vinny is the correct answer.

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Interested in checking it out. Would be easier if it was on iTunes though...

I'll give it a listen tomorrow.

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BF3 complaint threads are the new ME2 complaint threads.

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@Brendan said:

@Cubical said:

oh god.... Another Good PC game dumbed down for console thanks valve you fuckers.

If this game fucking has console and PC cross play because valve went insane they better let us ban the fucking console noobs from our servers with a simple command or tick box automatic and the slow ass analog stick controls from the server nobody wants them in the game to make the game suck.
And anybody who even looks like they are useing a controler I am going to ban there ass from my servers it's obvious they are slow dudes with jerky aiming cant spin around fast enough and not hitting anything they aim at and I will do it manual if i have to.
That port of counter strike on xbox 1 sucked balls it was nothing like the real PC game and the analog stick aim sucks balls it might as well have aimed for you in slow motion because that is the only thing you could have done to fucking hit anything . Hell it's still like that to this day the console versions suck balls control and look like ass on top of that. If valve ruins counter strike by dumbing it down for the console noobs then I am not buying the fucking game.

The "Master Race" everyone.

*slow clap*

"I don't know how to play a FPS with a controller so it's impossible."

I give that post 5 raging neckbeards out of 5

First thing I thought of when I saw this:

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GT: MuscleRiderX

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Going to college and part-timing at a movie theater.

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I apparently have spent 70 hours in SSFIV.

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@Rolyatkcinmai said:

I sometimes wonder if Giant Bomb is almost entirely made up of hipsters.

Nothing against hipsters, but there's more "good things are bad" and "bad things are good" on GB than anywhere else.

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@Ygg said:

I don't like the PPP and KKK things, they look really out of place, do you actually use them?

The reason I left them in there is because I'm not the only one who uses that stick. I have a lot of friends who are much more casual fighting game players (my twelve year old brother for example) and the labels are really there to prevent me getting frustrated because they can't remember which button is which. I don't know of any place around here that has the arcade version so I've never been exposed to the 6-button only machine. Ever since I got my stick I've started to use them less and less however. Also, I thought it would look weird if every other button was labeled except for 2, at that point I might as well take them out all together and order a new plexi and art that covers their spots.

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Where did you order from?