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Now you just need to go back to gamebomb and post a link to this thread.

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@EightBitShik: The plot thickens.

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I love posting in the wrong thread by accident.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Sorry, Dad.

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@TwoLines: IP?

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That was pretty fun until that Ultimate guy came in and started wrecking us lol


Seeing other maps would've been cool too. It was my first time playing that game.

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Everything about this thread makes me uncomfortable.

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Downloading the game right now. Bought the Unreal pack when it was on sale and never played it.

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@musclerider: That is extremely oversimplified. XD

It was meant to be a parody of the guy who said that Catherine looks easy just because it was pushing blocks.

I've beaten both games and have to say that Meat boy is probably harder but Catherine is more frustrating. In Meatboy every level is maybe a minute long while in Catherine some of the later stages can take up to 5 minutes to beat. That doesn't sound like a lot but when you play a level for 5 minutes and then can't figure out what direction the game wants you to press to go a certain way because you're hanging off a block that you can't even see it can get pretty frustrating. There's a level pretty late in the game (Stage 8) that adds a mechanic just for that level and I have to say that is the most I've had to yell at my TV in a long while. Even though I found some segments of the game extremely infuriating I still got the gold trophies on all the stages on normal while in meat boy I can barely get past the world 3 dark world levels.

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@gootxoon said:

Don't listen to the OP, this movie is great dumb fun. Whoever didn't enjoy don't know how to have fun at the theaters. They're just the same artfags who think pretentious movies like No Country for Old Men a are "cinematic masterpieces", and fun movies like Sucker Punch to be "misogynistic porn". Transformers 3 is awesome, deal with it OP.

There are also people who have told me that Ninja Assassin is a good movie because it's just a dumb fun action movie.

Ninja Assassin is a super awful movie that no one should ever watch.

A good example of a simple yet entertaining action movie would be something like "Shoot 'em up." It didn't pretend to have a plot or anything like that, it was just a dude who shot a whole bunch of other dudes. Not every bad movie that has an explosion in it can be redeemed just by saying "don't take it seriously and you can enjoy it." People don't just call them bad because they hate seeing things blow up and would rather have Tommy Lee Jones talk to himself. They're bad because they usually contain completely incoherent/unnecessary plots.

If you want to make a dumb action movie then make a dumb action movie and leave it. I don't care about Shia Lebouf's character or any of the other humans in the movie so I'm obviously not going to enjoy the massive amounts of time that these movies spend on those characters. Robots punching robots doesn't fix what's wrong with the movie it's just there as the only sort of OK part. A shitty plot is still shitty even with a crazy action sequence at the end.

If you wanted to make a good action movie based on the Transformers here's how you would do it:

Step 1: Put robots in it

Step 2: Make those robots fight each other in cool ways

It seems pretty complicated because it is. The people behind these movies couldn't figure it out so instead of that they added a bunch of stupid bullshit that no one cares about/wants to see.

@gootxoon And finally, to address that quote up top. I really hope you're trolling, honestly. Grammatical mistakes aside, it seems you don't know much about film. Have you even seen No Country? You are the reason that reading forums is so depressing. Thank you.