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I finish most of the console games that I buy. The weather right now makes my living room around 90 degrees during the day and the evening so being in there for extended periods of time is not really an option. Once the fall starts coming on I'll probably start finish games again.

Right now my pile of shame is:

L.A Noire and Prince of Persia ('08)

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@I_smell: Hit the nail on the head there.

Definitely more fun when you're playing with people in real life and you're figuring the game out as you go. Not much memorization of combos either, at lower levels combos usually end up being two or three normal attacks cancelled into a special attack. Characters also offer a ton of variety and each has their own features that actually make them feel unique (no universal moves here outside of C.HK being sweep).

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I can't understand all the poptart hype. Toaster Strudels are so much better.

It's like Weetabix going up against any actual cereal.

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If you're going to pick up SF you might as well start with SSFIV. Not as many people play SSFIITHDR anymore so you're better off picking the game with the larger player base. I would personally suggest SF because it offers a good bit of depth but is still fun even at lower players (also easy to find people to play with).

MK is also a fine choice since it's a ton of fun even when you're not good at it, but at higher levels it's all about trying to land 30-50% combos and saving your meter for breakers.

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Pretty big fighting game buff but nothing in this game was fun for me.

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@NeverDave said:

When I say young I mean like a weird infant…

Just the way I like them.

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Necromancers are running wild on these forums.

On topic: I love me some burger pickles.

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I waited till NWN2 was on steam before getting it. Took a while but it got there.

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I usually panic when I get up to the counter and the guy asks me what I want on my burger, usually I just end up saying "ehh, just make it all the way". Five Guys has yet to disappoint.

Also, those servings of fries are fucking massive.

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Trying to describe a game while playing it can often be difficult. Nothing wrong with being bad at a game as long as everyone gets a good idea of what its like from the QL. If I tried to carry on a conversation while playing Street Fighter I would probably lose every match I got into.