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The Flash.

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I've totally activated a starter pack on a trial account...

Whatever it takes, just get in this game's craziness.

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@tobbrobb said:

Man hearing about this makes me think I should restart. I'm just a few hours in and already feel like I broke the curve. The magic is just ridiculously strong, and you don't even have to put points into attack since the augments do all that work for you. I can totally see why the game wants you to spread out the points now, because maxing fidget early would just be broken.

If I remember correctly there are also rings that double your magic power so that's what I did for the last quarter of the game.

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Microsoft? More like BAD-crosoft!

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I think we have to remember that this was broadcast on TV so they couldn't just target us internet forum shitlords.

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@rubzo: Activating your key will just add the time to the remaining amount of time on your trial account.

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@zolloz89: the corp could always use some frigates for the roams. If you ask around there's always something to make.

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@avaren: After the nearly 3-hour manhunt preceding that battle I'm really proud to be on that kill-mail. One hell of a first PvP fleet experience definitely.

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Hey noobish question for you guys. I wanna load up all my goodies and ships and relocate to GB/HQ, its only 7 systems out, but I'll be crossing Caldari space so I was wondering if I should request some sort of escort in chat, or just chance it. I got a transport which will hold all my ore and stuff, but I'll prolly have to fly back several of the ships. I don't have much since I'm just beginning so it may not be worth the trouble, just thought I would ask.

You're best off getting someone to transport it and taking a shuttle to HQ.