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Java is the most popular language, but not for games. I'd advise not starting with html. I think C/C++ are the most popular for games, But for a beginner they maybe hard to debug.

But start with the basics, No short cuts. Learn about data types, arrays, classes, structs, pointers, sockets and event handlers. When you have good grasp on those maybe then look a SDL and openGL.

@Bio2hazard's post is a good guide line.

If I was to give a class on beginner programming I'd go with Java.

Then move to Python, C or C++.

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 Am I the only one who was laughing non stop after the interview part in the video?

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I'm not saying that they should hire him. But he is a excellent writer. If Giant Bomb hire more editorial staff I hope its someone on a different wavelength to the rest of the crew. Jeff, Ryan and to some extent Brad will almost always have the same opinion when it comes to games.   
Not that it's a bad thing but I’d like to see different type prospectives on GB. If that makes any sense.   

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Can't  connect in Ireland.

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Is it not Kenzie from GameBracker tv?

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 Sounds better then the Sims 3.

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 So how long till the Bombcast usual go's up?

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