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The latest design is Patrick, the Jack of Clubs. Let me know what you all think!

Feel free to leave suggestions! They help me a lot!

Here are all the designs so far:

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@Mushir: If you make it a blog post, you can edit the title each time you update the thread. That way you can change the title to reflect progress. 
Also, they look damn fine. 
edit: whoops, this is a blog post. Carry on.
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@ThatFrood: Hey, you're right. Thanks man, I'll do that.

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These are great! My suggestion for Patrick is to have his face be in the center of the Ace of Clubs and have that be his 'fro.

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@mscupcakes: Haha that's a great idea. Although isn't the ace of spades usually the only one that has a special design?

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@Mushir: True, but this isn't just any deck of cards. This deck is DA BOMB! Every card has a special design 8|

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These look awesome! Nice work, duder!

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Just finished up the King of Diamonds, Drew Scanlon! Made him the king of diamonds mostly due to this image. I'm kind of worried that his face isn't that instantly recognizable. Let me know what you all think!

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I think you're right. I don't really see Drew there. If you take away his hair and his chin, what is left?

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Drew is more recognisable than whoever (Brad?) the Jack of Spades is.

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Awesome work!

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@FLStyle said:

Drew is more recognisable than whoever (Brad?) the Jack of Spades is.

No way, that's instantly recognizable as Brad. The Drew one needs a little help, though. Even knowing - it's a little hard to see it in there. Maybe the North Korean flag waving in his iris's?

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@ck1nd: That would do it.

Posted by DarkShaper

To be honest before I read the post I thought it was Alex, not Drew.

Posted by aurahack

The long hair does a disservice to making him recognizable as Drew.

Other than that, though, damn. This shit is pro. Good job!

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So the Drew clearly needs some work. I could remove the long curly hair and add his more rusty hair, although I kept the original long hair for Jeff and Brad. Would changing Drew's hair make the inconsistent? He could be an exeption though since the hair is kinda his trademark.

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Drew doesn't have a beard. That's the main problem.

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@DarkShaper said:

To be honest before I read the post I thought it was Alex, not Drew.

I thought it was Alex at first, also.

I also was also thrown off initially by the Brad one. On closer inspection, I think it's quite clearly Brad, but the mustache and hair combination gave me a bit of a Jack Black/Nacho Libre vibe.

I'm thinking Dave could be a Jack of Diamonds, but I don't really have any reasoning for that. Just a gut feeling. I'm looking forward to the rest of these, good work, duder!

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OK so I want to start making these again. Which staff member do you guys wanna see? And on which card? Also any ideas for facial expressions or props are highly appreciated. Have at it duders!