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A fair trade, the epitome of bittersweet. Best of luck.

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@billygoat117: Not sure. I do remember that when I downloaded the latest podcast it took absolutely forever.

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They said before that the relaunch would likely fuck up the RSS feed, and it has. If you use the RSS link on the Bombcast page on the site now, it'll go to a different feed that has this week's episode and a few older ones, but it only goes back to sometime during the Game of the Year stuff. They said they're working on unfucking the RSS feed, but I imagine they've got plenty to work on with the new site so I don't know how long it'll take.

Yeah, the new RSS only has the last ten podcasts on it, kinda annoying since I'm still catching up on the older ones but I'm sure its on their list.

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@Baillie: yeah, p5 is only one i could see them doing, and not force themselves into doing it.

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@jesterroyal: Oh man, thanks for this, it fixed the streaming player issue immediately. Hopefully it fixes the html5 player also.

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I still play GTA IV once in a while, its just a fun game to fuck around with.

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I'm having this problem too. Also the streaming player won't let me skip for some reason.

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A note on patching; when you run the 1.03 patch it automatically directs the unzip to the standard install location, however if you are on a Windows 64 bit OS you need to make sure it says (x86) in the program files line or it will unzip to the wrong place. I had crashing issues until I figured that out.

You can get the patch here

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@TheGlitchmaster: If its already raised 870k as of this post (170k over the original goal) I'm not sure how much more attention it really needs.