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I'd attribute it to two things:   

  • Gameplay mechanics: It's actually FUN to play. (ex. Mega Man games...simple mechanics, but rock solid, responsive, and never gets old)
  • Art Design: Notice how I didn't say "graphics" here? Art is timeless, graphics become outdated. (ex. 16-bit Sonic games...sure, they were big shots in the graphics department back then, but the sprite work is still attractive to this day)
...To me, graphics, story, character development are all nice things to have, but aren't necessary in a "classic". I'm debating whether music should be one of the requirements, since I can't recall a great game going without a great soundtrack.
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Whether you wanna spend your Wii points on it or get it on your PC for free, you must play Cave Story if you care at all about old-school style action-platformers. It's amazing.
Otherwise, I'd also recommend Lost Winds. It's a relaxing puzzle-platformer. Sonic 4 was decent enough...still not as great as the classic 1-3, S&K, but it's still good to burn a few hours on. Mega Man 9 and 10 are some of the best 8-bit Mega Man games you'll play. And Yet It Moves is another fun puzzle-platformer game and has some of the most interesting use of Wii motion controls yet.

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Oh yeah, I have a bit of an on-going list too. It's far from complete though, since there's still a bunch of 2010 games I wanna play. 

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@blacklabeldomm said: 

Splinter Cell Conviction

A great departure for the series, they really went for the cinematic gameplay and it's great. I sometimes felt like it forced me to use one single style of gameplay instead of letting me choose. 
Yeah, I agree. It's a really fun game, but I also felt that it sorta pushed me into playing it as a straight-up cover shooter in the later stages. It's slightly disappointing though, since I thought the best gameplay aspects were slinking around and getting stealthy kills.
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It'd rain tits.

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Now I can't unsee it.

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I try not to, but they keep talking to me. I don't want to be rude or anything.

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Freshly baked bread.

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Final Fantasy XIII and Halo: Reach. Not bad games per se, but just painfully mediocre.

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Portal - It still remains as one of my all-time favorites, but I played it to death when it first came out and have all the levels memorized down to a science. It sorta loses it's luster when I know exactly what to do.  
Pokemon Red/Blue - I sunk lifetimes into this game as a kid, but I don't think I can go back to it. Besides, newer ones have come out since then with purdier graphics and such, so the graphical downshift would be another hurdle too.