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Yeah, #6 was a piece of shit. 

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Because they're fucking hilarious.

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Honestly, just go with whatever you think looks cool. Unless you're playing on "Insanity", all the classes are strong enough to blow through the game. My favorites were Adept and Engineer...they offered pretty unique experiences that I never really had in any other 3rd person shooter before. 

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Motion games: Wii > PS3 > 360 
Tech: PS3 > 360 > Wii
Kinect is probably the most innovative, but it's glitchy and unresponsive as hell. It'll probably more impressive after we give it some time, but right now it's more of a hassle. From the very little I've played of the Move, it seems more accurate than the wiimote and probably the most functional as a video game controller.

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They all work. But yeah, I went with Ryan and Vinny, too. I'd say my least preferred combo would probably be Brad and Jeff.

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@Meowayne said:
" Isn't And Yet It Moves Wiiware? I deliberately left Wiiware out of my list. "
It's Wiiware, but I thought we were lumping 'em all together here. The OP had Cave Story and World of Goo in his list after all. But whatever, I'm just doing what I can to give the game some deserved love. :)
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1. Mass Effect 2 
2. Splinter Cell: Conviction 
3. Super Street Fighter 4 
4. God of War 3 
5. Red Dead Redemption for downloadable games: 
1. Mega Man 10 
2. Scott Pilgrim vs The World 
3. Shank 
4. And Yet It Moves 
5. Cave Story 

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Pretty interesting lists. I have to admit, I haven't given the system as much attention as it deserves lately (I'm accumulating quite the backlog for it). That'll probably change in the winter though, when I'll hopefully get a chance to hunker down with Other M, Galaxy 2, DKC Returns, Kirby Epic Yarn, Sonic Colors, and Epic Mickey. 
One game I didn't see mentioned here that should get some love is And Yet It Moves. It's a quirky, momentum-based puzzler with a lot of heart and well-selected music to fit the theme. You literally get to turn the world upside down (along with every other which way) to get your guy from point A to point B. No story necessary...just a very charming atmosphere.

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@corgorav said:
" FMA: Brotherhood was good, House of Five Leaves was great. Also I'm going to cheat and say Fairy Tail (I guess it's almost 2010 anime...), which I think is ok, kinda clichéd but meh... Very One Piece-like in some ways (character design, look and general feel) which is good. "
Good call on House of Five Leaves...I completely forgot about that one.
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Personally, this year of anime sucked big time for me. FMA: Brotherhood was pretty good, but redundant since I've already read the manga. Durarara!! has its moments of epic batshittery (as expected from the creator of Baccano!), but the arcs were mostly hit or miss. Gotta admit, K-ON!! was actually a pretty enjoyable slice-of-lifer, and I'm not even much of a moe fan. So far, my anime of the year would probably be Katanagatari (a still-airing, year long OVA) by default. 
Hopefully next year's lineup will appeal to me more. 
EDIT: And I just realized, FMA: B actually came out last year, so it probably doesn't even count towards 2010. =\