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It's a shame, cuz Cave Story fucking owns. Sorry to rub it in. :)

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I think the trick is to follow the trail of rings. That's what I pretty much did, and it usually led me along well enough. I liked Casino NIghts a lot more, but Sonic 4's Casino Streets was pretty fun too. The up-ending card platforms was an interesting gimmick, and I liked that final run near the end above the bottomless pit. I died a couple times, but after I got the timing down, it's a cinch.

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I didn't like the controls at first either, but after I actually got used to it, it stopped being a problem. Honestly, all the criticisms seem a bit more on the user-end than the system-end. Don't blame the gameplay mechanics because you can't do platforming. There's plenty of people, myself included, who can beat the game no problem with the same mechanics. It's not perfect, but certainly not unplayable.

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 @thegoldencat7: Holy crap, that looks awesome. I thought Sonic 4 was pretty decent, but damn, I'd much rather play that.

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@Viney212 said:
" @marioncobretti said:
" @JerichoBlyth: yep, that one card bridge that requires precise jumping but your start up animation is a bit too slow to reach all of the cards without it feeling like youve somehow cheated your way past it once youve done it... I went from 23 lives to 8 at that point. I was getting really frustrated by it. "
That card bridge is ridiculous.  They should have at least put some floor below so you're not falling to your death every time.  The worst part is when the card you're standing on starts turning a split second before you hit jump, so instead of jumping you pull off an unwanted mid air dash and then everything just goes to shit. "
Am I the only one that actually liked all that stuff? I mean, yeah I died, but it was fun getting down the timing. Then again, I'm also the kind of person who loves dying again and again at the same spot in Mega Man games. =\
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Hey, why diss on holding right and jumping? It's pretty much a staple of 2D platformers.

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@AndrewB: The thing is, there's actually quite a few people who are really high on the game, both critically and among the general fanbase. I mean, just look at its score on metacritic.  
The newest Sonic is a bit divisive to say the least. The opinions surrounding this game seem like they're almost always on one side of the extreme or the other (I suppose I'm among the rare few that's somewhere in the middle). But even still, the fact that there's actually a prominent side of supporters this time around means the Cycle has sorta been broken.
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@WinterSnowblind said:
" I haven't been one of the people bashing every little detail..  but I must say, I am rather shocked by just how bad this has turned out.  The physics, momentum and animation are very off, it doesn't feel or play ANYTHING like the original games.  Ontop of that, the music is horrible and the level design really falls apart after the first stage..  Much like the Advance/Rush games, it loses any sense of platforming and resorts to boost pads and running in a straight line, and usually results in you falling off a bottomless pit to your death.  Horrible, horrible game and certainly not worth $15. "
I agree with everything you said, but it probably doesn't bother me to the same degree. I'm pretty disappointed with the music and level design, and the physics feel stiffer than the original games, but I mean, it's not totally unplayable. I still had fun with it. Wouldn't rank it anywhere near 1-3, S&K though. 
I think I'd be on board for Ep. 2, but maybe not a day 1 purchase anymore. I'd probably wait till it drops to $10 or under the next time around.
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I'm 2 chapters in on Knight difficulty, and it's a bit 'meh' so far. There's a lot of nitpicky things I have with the game (camera issues, "HOLD R2 TO GRIP!"/"ONE MORE SHARD TO GO", weird music transitions, jarring transition between chapter sections, lame traversing/platforming, easily interrupted combos, fetch quests), but they do add up and ultimately weaken the experience. I probably would like this game a lot more if I haven't played God of War and Shadow of the Colossus feels like it took elements from both games and watered them down. I'd rather just go replay those games instead.

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I didn't say I wasn't a fan, just not as crazy about DK as maybe Sonic.