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We'll all miss you, Scoops <>

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Oh man, what a sad day for us, and such a happy day for you.

Sure you'll make an amazing dad, and can't wait to see you start randomly popping up on streams :)

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Just heard this on the news, so I haven't taken the time to research a little more on this topic, but has anyone heard about Apple's lawsuit against "In-App Purchases?"

Parents seem to be pissed, and I'm wondering if all of a sudden, could the "freemium" game structure of mobile games could be forcibly altered?

Love to hear other people's inputs, and if someone knows more about it than I, please share. Also, curious as to what everyone thinks about what this potentially might mean/what Apple might have to do.

Hope everyone's Wednesday is great :)

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Out of the many I have watched, Dead Island is just the best. Way too funny.

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That's rough, Jesus.

Especially with their plans for any kind of refund program. Come on guys, don't release a product with so many issues, then give up trying to fix it. That's just awful to us, the consumer buying their product... :/

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@Gringus: Well thank you. It's something I feel pretty passionate about, and just wanted to share that with anyone who would read :)

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@Saganomics: I was unclear, I totally agree with it being okay to call out artists for making a product that the consumer finds terrible. Effort certainly isn't going to appease everyone, and I've found even my favorite writers/game designers have produced products leaving a sour taste in my mouth.

But It goes back to the fact that regardless of how you feel about it, it's still someone's creation, and hence deserves to be treated with respect to the fact that someone created this over many painstaking hours. It might be the worse thing you've ever experienced, but the creator should never be nagged to reach into their work of art and change things because the consumer disagrees with the way it was created.

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I don't understand the consumer's need to control everything that comes their way. I personally look forward to anything new from games, music, books, etc. Will I like the directions some writers/game designers/musicians take their new creative endeavors to? Not always, there's certainly been times where my favorite musicians do a complete 180, and I find myself not so impressed, but the consumer should ALWAYS respect the creator's ability to create. The product they make is a reflection of what they want to share with the world, what they have spent weeks and months pouring over. I hold endless respect for people who can create on such an incredible level, and any consumer should as well. There should never be cries for changes to the way something is produced, but a level of respect for these people being gracious enough to take the time to bring their vision to life and share it with the world.

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@n8: If Blizzard didn't deserve these posts in the first place, I'd agree with you. In the meantime, they kinda fucked up pretty badly. I love Diablo, and Blizzard, but these posts are totally acceptable in light of their just mediocre launch.