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@thdemn Just sent you a PM updating my bracket!

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When S-kill gets his parry. I can't not laugh when I hear this.

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I've been playing A LOT of The Baz and I really enjoy his style, but I feel that "maining" him isn't a good decision seeing as he's such a different character. I've been looking into maining some Kick for now, to get better at the game on the overall, and then maybe going back to Baz.

On PC I use an Xbox controller, I put it on my table with the top of the controller facing me and B + X for Dive and Kick, respectively. It's quite a weird setup but it's been working damn fine for me.

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Amazing piece, what a great analysis of the whole debacle and internet posture. I believe there will be a day where people are generally nicer on the internet. Maybe that day will come with the end (or heavy restriction) of anonimity, or maybe people will just learn to not be so freaking hateful to each other.

Keep up the great work Patrick!

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Why the hell not? Steam id: musou

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@putemonsteret: @newhaap: On the OP I posted that you can use the Shazam app to find some of the music, it's pretty useful, but also search for instrumentation, tempo, duration and keywords to try and find them!

Also, added the latest entries to OP, thanks @putemonsteret @pox22

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I have DoTA 2 cards:

2 x Bounty Hunter

1 x Tidehunter

1 x Tiny


1 x Lookout

Eador. Masters of the Broken World:

1 x Griffin

I'm looking mainly for Summer Sale cards (I have at the moment 1 Bioshock Infinite and 1 Football Manager), but I'll also take Surgeon Simulator, Eador, and Chivalry cards.

I also have some TF2 itens that I'm willing to trade mostly all of them, so take a look at my inventory to see if there's something of your interest!

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I (and a bunch of others) feel your pain dude. We're in this together and we shall mourn together.

I find it kind of amazing how many people are referencing Ryan (or the Bomb Crew as a whole) as a constant in their lives, and I think that's what makes them really special to all of us. They have faces, names, they are people, not content.

Thanks for sharing, duder, stay strong!