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@void: Adding them up, thanks duder!

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@l1ghtn1n: Yep, already added him on Steam and sent him a PM here on the site, just waiting for his answer!

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@thdemn @l1ghtn1n Just spoke to Karsh and he said that he has forfeited the tournament, so I guess I'm moving to the next bracket?

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@l1ghtn1n: I was having some trouble finding him on Steam (he's not the only one with that Steam ID) but I just found it (or at least I think I have) and added him but he hasn't accepted me yet. And no, he hasn't responded my PM either.

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I'm waiting for @karsh to play my next match, sent him a PM but didn't hear back yet.

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@thdemn Just sent you a PM updating my bracket!

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When S-kill gets his parry. I can't not laugh when I hear this.

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I've been playing A LOT of The Baz and I really enjoy his style, but I feel that "maining" him isn't a good decision seeing as he's such a different character. I've been looking into maining some Kick for now, to get better at the game on the overall, and then maybe going back to Baz.

On PC I use an Xbox controller, I put it on my table with the top of the controller facing me and B + X for Dive and Kick, respectively. It's quite a weird setup but it's been working damn fine for me.