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"Hey man come out it's safe, I'm not going to kill you to get my money back so just step out of the house."

"Nah man seriously I'm not even waiting outside with a baseball bat or anything just come on out on your pedal bike and we'll talk."

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Since people seem to be posting good areas to find helicopters, this is the one I use all the time. It's on the ground, so you don't have to climb, and it's not in the airport or locked behind fences so there's no risk of gaining stars when you go towards them. There's also often more than one available at a time.

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Not sure what the situation is with backup crews but I'm up for having a larger pool of non-jerks to connect to. I fly a mean helicopter.

Dr Pongo - 360

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@krullban said:

It's working pretty well for me now.

Got luchadeer on my jacket!

"How far will you go to get into GTA Online?"

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@yummylee: My main concern is if characters are still corrupting every time you try to reenter GTA Online, because even if you get past the race bottleneck you'll have to return to it every single time until you can actually save your character reliably.

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@jimmyfenix: Just let people activate Golf as a private lobby if they really want to do that, but otherwise if you're activating something in free roam and it's not an entirely separate scripted mission, it should be in the understanding that it could totally get interrupted by other players in a variety of hilarious ways. To me that's what you're signing up for with free roam, that's the point.

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Other options in the pull up menu were, ‘Passive Mode’ which makes you un-kill-able, but you can’t kill anyone else, this is made to be used for getting to ATM machines and safely depositing your money without getting killed and robbed.

Doesn't this pretty much negate the entire point of the ATM system? He mentions a 1v1 deathmatch thing you can set up but that doesn't exactly come across as very dynamic. That's a really odd decision.

For those of you worrying about playing a game of golf and having some lunatic with an RPG firing at you, don’t worry, other players can not come at you while you are playing sports and such, you and your activity buddie(s) are in a different world which makes you untouchable from other players, but you still feel and look in the Online world at the same time, so it works fine.

If you're playing golf in a a Grand Theft Auto game, isn't the point that you sort of look forward to that moment when someone crashes a plane on the green while you're trying to get par? Again, a really odd decision to me.

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I did so bad I'm worse than a non-existent 6th place. Y'all mad jealous.

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Persona 4 the Incredibaz Magicific Amazitran Endless People's Elbow Cage Match Supreme (Persona 4 Arena 3)

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@bloo561: Alright, that should work. Also you might want to update the OP with the details of the new people that have posted that they want to be in the tournament.