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Lol... Alex was so close to getting the crystal alien out of the stasis pop... had he taken it, the next sector has the planet that would study it.

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This should probably be an Unfinished EX, shouldn't it?

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I was wondering why they went through the trouble of actually making a real-life scale model of the bike from the game for trade shows like E3 and PAX.

Seemed like overkill at the time...

Now. It all makes sense.

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AC4: Django Unchained

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The rock guy that ate you in Life Goes On is a collectible...

When I spoke to the guys who made it at PAX prime, they wanted a collectible, but they also wanted to keep with the death theme, so they figured it should probably kill you when you collected it. :P

As a cool side note, the teams were recording death "screams" at their PAX prime booth as well, people were screaming into a sound tube and they were recording them for use in the game. I recorded 2 myself.

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Watching State of Play right now. So far: Interesting, but kinda slow.


Edit: Watched State of Play through completely. It's very slow placed, and isn't the kind of documentary that has tons of narration and explanation. Don't look to this to learn anythign about the Korean StarCraft Scene if you know nothing about it. It pretty much just follows the lives of some of the players, wanna-be players, has-been players and even some fans, as they go about their e-sports lives in the e-sports world.

Tries to pull at the heart strings a little at the end, but otherwise just kinda drones on (perhaps purposely?).

Unless you are REALLY interested in the world, I'd skip it.

Give it: 3 Pylons out of 5

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"We've Never Missed a Single Bombcast"

- Ryan Davis

Never Forget

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@cooljammer00: It is... it was for the demo, recorded earlier.

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I think this is exactly what that series needed. Well done Squeenix

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I'm getting a big time Assassins Creed Vibe here, more than anything...