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Woah... :(

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Woah... :(

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@ShadowVirus: WOW! Incedible!

you took this to a whole new level. hahaha

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@jakob187: ???

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@Brendan: Thank you. The decision to take it down grew easier more recently. But the hight definitely had to be when Brad wanted an early death in Limbo to be stricken from the record because it was "for example."

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@Seedofpower: That's about the only thing I would consider ;) It's gonna be need to be one damned quick death, though.

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I just wanted to let you guys know, so you can congratulate Brad, that his 100th Quicklook Start to Death record... was also a new record for the quickest death, aka "pulling a Brad," in his Quicklooks history.

In the Quicklook for Nexiuz, Brad dies a mere 22 seconds into the video, after being shot at close range by his (I assume, now) arch nemesis, "ruben5298."


He tries to play it off as if nothing really happened... and that's fine. I'm sure to him, and all of the viewers of Brad's Quicklooks, death has become so commonplace that both he and the other viewers have simply become desensitized to it.

With this, I would like to take this truly momentous occasion to announce to the you, the Giantbomb community, that I am officially retiring the list.

It's had a good run, but the joke has finally, I think, played itself out. Plus, it's getting a little tedious to keep it up to date with so many damned titles on it.

I'd like to thank the community, specifically the nearly (at present) 746 readers who voted for the list... and to the 6 users who voted against it. You can go to hell.

Brad, by the power 'vested in me. I hear by release you of this curse, so that you may continue to game freely, in sickness and in health, and that you will no longer fear death during you future Quicklook forays.

Thanks... as they say, for the memories.

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Hey folks

I'm wondering if anyone here remembers the article Patrick did about that flash game when you played as a soldier walking a prisoner to his death in some non-de-script jungle country. And when you let go of the walk button, you had to choose if you would shoot the prisoner or not...

I can't seem to find either the article or the game.


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Thanks for the advice guys.

I think I'm going to look a lot more closely at the Morrowind Construction Set, as well as RPG Maker XP.

@TheSeductiveMoose: Does the Construction Set come with any copy of Morrowind, or is it a separate download? The steam description doesn't make mention of it.