Brad: Quick Look Start to Death Time

Pull'n a Brad

A list of Brad's longest, quickest, and everything in between, "Start to Death" times during official Giant bomb video game Quick Looks (only!).

"Start to Death" is defined as the time elapsed between the start of the Quick Look, and Brad dying, regardless of the method.

Readers are reminded that, "it's tougher to play and talk at the same time, than you think."

Of course, this list is on-going and will likely change as Brad continues to do Quick Looks, but for now it should be comprehensive. To be fair, as well, there are a number of Quick Looks that Brad does not die in... but they are, of course, ignored.

Also, in the case of games with multiple Quick looks, the first Quick look, even if for a Demo, is the one that counts.


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This is the original Quick Look Start to Death list, but it seems to have started a trend since it's inception.

Probably a bit of over-kill, but credit should be given where credit is due, right?

RJPelonia did go back to watch every Quicklook video to collect the data for his lists. So, you can find links to other GB members' STD's (unfortunate acronym isn't it?) on HIS LISTS PAGE.

List Retired

As of March 7th 2012. This list has been officially retired.

After setting a new record on his 100th QL Start to Death Record. Brad has been officially released of his curse... or at least the recording of it. This is partially because the list has become a little too large to easily manage, but mostly because the joke has, unfortunately, seemed to have played itself out.

Thank you, Brad, as they say, for the memories.

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Posted by Mustard
@Kamasama: danke.
Posted by Kiemoe

I wonder what the first quick look was that Brad pulled a Brad on

Posted by bekern

Although it's not a quicklook, Brad did die in the most recent I love Mondays :P.

Posted by u03mja3

This list is ridiculous, and I love it!

Posted by Carlos1408

Lol pure awesome! :D

Posted by MGSolid86

Brad is awesome and this is one of my favorite lists on Giantbomb.  I hope this doesn't influence him to beat his current record now that it's officially recorded, haha.

Posted by SteveV

Great list :)

Posted by SJSchmidt93

You should add up the gameplay time rather than the time into the video. 
They tend to be inconsistent on how long they like to screw around in the menus before jumping in.

Posted by Mustard
@SJSchmidt93: I thought about that, but this way the time is acctually referenced so you can go quickly go in and watch the death.
Posted by Boyling

That's hilarious! I think this is a great example of what to do with the list function.

Posted by Dalai

This list is going to be massive. Is there a cap on these lists by any chance? Because if there is, you might have to split the list in two.

Posted by Keeng

Wonderful list.

Posted by Kyle

This is the greatest list ever. I love you.

Posted by Chaser324

Awesome list. I hope to see you keep it up to date as Brad continues to "pull a Brad" in Quick Looks.

Posted by Mustard
@Dalai: I'll cross that bridge when we get to it ;)
Edited by Angularbanjo

This list is awesome. 
Also, in the NSMBW QL, he'd already died two times before the previous record time was up. That's awesome.

Posted by kwyee

Great list, but for completeness' sake, you should include the QLs where Brad plays but does not die.  That would make things like the GoW III death time have more relevance since he doesn't die in other, longer QLs.
Love the 'cause' section too :)

Posted by RagingLion

An awesome list.  Great idea and nice annotations too to tie it all together.

Posted by Daniel_Newton

This list is amazing, you deserve a limited edition hoodie for this.
Also, if there isn't already a link to this list on the Brad page, you should totally put it on there.

Posted by Mustard
@Newten: lol, thanks... but i'm not in it for the limited edition hoodies. Or... am... I? ;)
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Posted by hamchan

This is an excellent list. Good Job!

Posted by RHCPfan24

LOL this list is amazing.

Posted by Gamer_152

Excellent list, really great work.

Posted by Soap

Such a great list, I hope this stays up to date in the horrible distopian future of 2010!

Posted by Mustard
@Soap: I'm sure it won't go anywhere... but you bring up an excellent point.
What do you guys think? Should i start a new list for the new year, and have this list for 2009 and earlier?
Give Brad a fresh start, sort to speak?
Posted by FlipperDesert

The list combined with the first comment made my day. Night. Morning. It's late, I should sleep.

Posted by natetodamax

Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly does the Start to Death time mean?

Posted by Mustard
@natetodamax: As it says in the list description: "Start to Death" is defined as the time elapsed from the beginning of the Quick Look Video, to the point where Brad first dies.
Posted by natetodamax
@Mustard said:
" @natetodamax: As it says in the list description: "Start to Death" is defined as the time elapsed from the beginning of the Quick Look Video, to the point where Brad first dies. "
Thanks, I didn't catch that.
Posted by CharkeeFarlee

this list is love!

Posted by Xeiphyer

SO good!!!

Posted by TrulyAlive

Will the GOTY QL's be included on this list?

Posted by Ghostiet
@Bo17 said:
" Will the GOTY QL's be included on this list? "

This. He did some stellar dying in Uncharted 2's and Batman's GOTY videos.
Edited by Mustard
@Ghostiet: I dunno, i think we should give brad a break. It's CHRISTMAS!! :)
plus, they arn't official quick looks, and this list is primarily (except for one) official quick looks only.
That and Uncharted is already on the list.
Posted by Jon_Danger

Excellent list.

Posted by Benjamimmy
@Bo17 said:
" Will the GOTY QL's be included on this list? "
Posted by Radar

Ryan approved.

Posted by V_Ben

this is a fantastic list :-D

Posted by RenegadeSaint
@Brad said:
" I would like to point out that dying is common in at least some of these games. :( "
While that is a totally valid argument, it doesn't do anything to reduce the joy we receive from watching you die.  It's like watching a clown cry... tragically hilarious.
Posted by _Phara0h_

Best list EVER

Posted by roofy

wow i thought i was the only one noticing how bad brad is.
i feel less alienated now.
thanks guys :)

Posted by Chewii101  
Where the internet is actually awesome. 

Posted by oddjob

This is the greatest list ever. I know quick looks only, but Brad dying in the GOTY vids for uncharted 2 was fucking hilarious.

Posted by Jeffsekai

Best thing ever

Posted by ObsideonDarman

Excellent List if I do say so

Posted by scarace360

Amazing list.

Posted by scarace360

Is the start time the start of the quick look or when they start playing.

Edited by geirr

From the start of the level in A Boy and His Blob in Ryan's quick look, Ryan dies after about 20 seconds which I think is funny to note!

Posted by AllanIceman

This is just awesome!