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Langley, BC, Canada

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Is there no podcast this week? I don't see one for Austria anywhere. I just want to make sure I've not gone crazy or something.

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I wonder how many years it will take them to be good. Judging from other teams it could be a decade until they get podium finishes and that's if they're willing to take those hits financially for those early years. Also are they going to get Americans to choose F1 over Nascar or are they going to just going to look at the usual pool. (Granted though F1 drivers come from all over the world).

Just the fact that there is an American team is more of an incentive for broadcasters to show the races. More exposure means eventually more Americans will start watching now that they have someone to root for (especially now that NASCAR is more shit than it usually is). Exposure is the biggest limiting factor right now really.

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I'm seeing a lot of people saying "I know nothing of these vroom cars" so if you guys are interested in learning a bit more about the rules and tech I thought I'd throw up a list of videos which explain some of it.

Note: I've shamelessly stolen all of these from Reddit.

Formula 1 Explained

What is "Car Setup"?

Know what all of the flags mean


Wet Tyres

Tyre Regulations



Oversteer and Understeer

Car Data


Driving Styles

What the hell is a double diffuser?

More about Tyres but explained by current driver Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg is practically lying down in his car

The Complex Steering Wheels

A summary of how the 2014 engines and ERS system are suspected to work

Ground Effects - A very interesting video on the basic aerodynamic principals of F1 cars as explained by former Williams and Ferrari design engineer Enrique Scalabron.

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The intro should just be the sound of the new F1 engines screaming along at 14k rpm.

Here is Renault's

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Maybe we do three games in one video with cameras and a set.

Artemis Bridge Simulator!

Great things, ya'll.

Oh fuck yes.

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First off I really hope nobody finds this offensive to the situation at hand. It is not my intention at all, but the thought of the crew doing this does fill my heart with a sort of satirical happiness.

I've been going back and forth through this forum for the past 30 minutes looking for a place to post this, or wondering if I should post it at all. But after hearing of Ryan's passing and first wondering if it was a joke -> no it's real -> holy shit -> I feel awful for everyone. I started to think back to other celebrity deaths and how it affected those they worked with. I then remembered something Jeremy Clarkson (from Top Gear) said around the time one of their co-presenters almost died in a car crash, and while it didn't totally nullify the grief I felt, nor I'm sure the grief felt by those close to Ryan feel it did make me smile a bit. I'll leave the clip below:

Jeremy Clarkson on the death of a Top Gear presenter

I'm not saying Ryan can be (or should be replaced). Nor am I saying that his passing should be treated quite so flippantly, but I do think that sort of humour would be the type of thing Ryan would've appreciated, especially the sentiment to carry on. And hopefully it'll make some of you smile like it did to me.

Nothing stops the Giant Bomb.

Again, apologies if anyone thinks this is offensive. I will take it down if it is.

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ID: blocko7899

So I've played about 7 hours of dota 2 just strictly in bot matches and I've got a handle on the basics, and I'd like to step it up to the big time. But I'm far too terrified to play against pubs. Maybe some of you fellow duders would like to help me out with understanding some more of the nuance of the game like what constitutes early, mid, late game, team compliments, when to do what and why. and generally help me get to a state where I could play random draft and find one or two heroes I could play with some success.

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Just to update with more info,

- flash player version is: 11.6.602.167

- Using an ATI 5770m video card

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I'll post my specs when I get home tonight to make sure. But it's definitely not mouse movement. I thought it was as well and flipped my mouse upside down.

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