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Might as well. That would be two more quests checked off the list.

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@tsolless said:
" Five of the staff (who you are automatically friended with) are on now anyways. "
If you're automatically friend with the staff, why do I only have two friends. (According to the Viva! quest.)
But, I do need friends.
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I thought it was kind of interesting. Unfortunately, I can't complete it; as of yet, I don't have five friends....

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I'm not sure if this is something to be all that impressed with...

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@natetodamax said:
" One of the resources is one of the newest Object pages created. Go to Objects > New Additions. "
Awesome. Thanks.
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I've never even played StarCraft, and I knew this concept...

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 Friday was a strange day. I was sitting on the couch, watching television and eating my lunch. I felt something jagging me in the lower back, so I took my left hand and brushed behind me. Pain blossomed in my finger, and I leapt up from the couch. I looked at the couch, but I didn't see anything. I ran into the bathroom to take a look at my finger and my back. I wasn't quite sure what it was until I went back out to the living room and saw a wasp wandering around between the couch and the windows.

From what we can figure, the sucker was actually chewing on my back, which is why it felt like jagging and not a sting. When I stuck my hand back there, he did sting me. My back has a welt with a diameter of about seven inches. And there's a big hole, which fits with the idea of him chewing. Luckily, with some baking soda and water, my finger wasn't too bad by the time I had to go to work at three.

My side is a little sore, but my finger is completely better. I'm just glad that I'm not allergic. However, I guess I deserved the whole thing. The night before, my mother (who is very allergic) pointed out the bee, but he was too high for any of us to do anything about it. I had kind of made fun of her, so I got my due reward, I guess.

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Sweet. Thanks for the help. #2131, but at least I got it done.

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I did them out of compulsion as well. I tried to bang them out as fast as possible so that I could quit reading about soccer...

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@SquirrelNuckle said:
" After a hour of dealing with Kick Off 1 I'm just sick of looking it up. Someone please just PM me the answer. Or give me a really obvious hint. "
1st word: A noun describing the population of a continent. (There are only 7.) 2nd word: The last word in the title of a famous Queen song that is preceded by "We Will Rock You".