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Sony E3 2014 reveal. BELIEVE THE HYPE.

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The Normandy has a special place in my heart.

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So here's how this is going to work. I'm going to give a clue or two about who the last main character I played as, when you guess correctly, you must continue the chain and give a clue of who the last main character you played as. I'll start.

This guy has a book on his family history and in his latest exploits, doesn't give a fuck about time paradox's.

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What games are you guys playing this holiday season that gives you that "comfy" feeling?

I've been playing kingdom hearts 1 and for some reason it's been giving me that comfy feeling. I was given the suggestion of playing assassin's creed IV to give me that comfort feeling as according to him, sailing the ocean in the sunny weather is extremely comforting while the cold rages on outside.

What about you guys?

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@optix12 said:

I am in 0 trouble, animal crossing guy would probably attack me with a gift of clothing, or be too distracted by the wildlife around to notice me.

I dunno man....

Those eyes....

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Now hunting you down.

How screwed are you? Will you try all your might to defend yourself or is it too futile, and being on the run for the rest of your life the better option?

For me, the last game I played was Shadow Of The Colossus. I'm not that hairy compared to a colossi, so I shouldn't have problem of the main character trying to climb all over me. I think I could take him.

What about you guys?

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I just.... This is devastating. Absolutely devastating. He just got married as well. I don't know how Giantbomb will continue. He was such a integral part.

RIP man. Words cannot express enough how much I will miss you. You were part of my life every Tuesday and it will be extremely difficult not hear your enthusiastic, lovable voice anymore.

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Sony also posted this super helpful instructional video on how to lend games on the PS4.

Shots are fucking fired ladies and gentleman.

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@turboman said:

@suicrat said:

Six seasons and a movie.

Seven seasons and two movies.

10 Seasons, 3 Movies and a fucking Theme Park.

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Hi guys, would really appreciate a dota 2 key!! Here's my Steam ID, if you could Message me a key, that would be fantastic!

EDIT: Got one, Thanks to the duder who sent me it!