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@mijetman said:

This topic should be renamed "This website isn't doing exactly what I want them to do and I'm not happy."

Two staff members are out on assignment, one being one of the more prolific quick lookers and the other one of the few video producers.

Dave left and Matt Rorie is joining the site to replacing him this week. They've said on video and Twitter that they're attending loads of meetings and orientation, so playing games live for our entertainment probably isn't top of their to-do list.

Plus it's a drought week, which all makes for an unfortunate combination video content wise.

On top of that, they'll all have other duties to attend to on the site (reviews, etc), so give them a break. Maybe play some videogames yourself instead.

Kinda this. I know they're revisiting that whole "hang out with GameSpot" show. And yeah, they have CBSi money behind them, but that also brings a shit-ton more bureaucracy with it. Switching Dave out for Rorie is probably a pretty big change, especially since it sounds like Rorie is going to have a very different job description compared to Snider. So yeah, factor in Patrick going on a pretty crazy special assignment with Drew, and the fact that Ryan and Jeff are probably going to need to be in a lot of the major meetings, that leaves Vinny and maybe Brad to pick up the slack. So yeah, it'll be a light week for premium content. Though I don't know how much more clear the guys could have been when they mentioned that they didn't have super-firm plans on what they'd do with the subscriber money.

Also it doesn't sound like it's just going to be another hour and a half of DiveKick. Sounds like they're digging a bunch of other games that Lang worked on to play during TNT.

But whatever, I'm not here to tell anyone how they should feel about the site. Just baffled is all.

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Steam ID: Mr_Hands

Warframe: Bharfgolem

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My avatar fell in love with Chrom before I could pull her back from the brink, but their arc has a pretty satisfying amount of weight to it. I only have one other marriage on the go right now, which is Donnel and Nowi. Kellam and Tharja are probably next. After that, it's anybody's game.

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@thed9984 said:


Yes it is, with this one being the most modern of the series the FOEs are now depectied with there model on the map as opposed to the much more terrifying orange furry ball. I have my full copy now and I am at B3 of the Lush Woodlands where it seams I am about to have my first boss battle of the game. I am currently running the same party as you after much experimenting in the demo and I find it works well, but I do fell that just about any party can work so long as it has different classes, just know what you are building and the use of that class and balance your party to work together.

On another note what BS is that to lock the demo to 30 uses, it's a limited demo, you only get one of three caves and 10 levels. What good dose it do to lock the demo after it is booted 30 times, can anyone make sense of that?

Yeah, I really hope they do away with the 30 Use Limit. I think it's just because Nintendo hasn't really done the demo thing, so they're not quite sure how that works. Still, you'd think they would look at what other cats are doing and do it like that.

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@thed9984 said:

I have been playing the demo fro a few days now, playing with all the classes and trying different strategies and builds. I just went after and killed both bears and that went way to good for a level 10 party so I decided to heal up at the in catch some food and with a red bull I went after the kangaroos on the world map and I won. I think I have spent way to much time with this demo if I am taking on FOEs that can one hit all my characters but my fortress. I am now going after all of them just to clear them out and have there components to the shop, and test out more party configurations.

I loved the shit out of EOIII. It prompted me to pick up EOII on a whim, but I still haven't played it. EOIV was an immediate pre-order. I was going light on playing the demo because I was worried about conserving demo uses. Since my copy should show up tomorrow, all bets are off. Only around level 5 or 6 for my party. I'm currently rolling Landsknect/Fortress/Dancer front and Sniper/Medic back. I am still pretty freaked out by FOEs. I like that mechanic where you're drawing them out and getting them to smash barriers. Is that new to EOIV?

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@BBAlpert said:

I've been looking for a grindy RPG to play on my 3DS, and an Etrian Odyssey-ass Etrian Odyssey game would certainly fit that description... Perhaps I'll look into it. Thanks for the heads up.

If you've played any of the earlier games and liked 'em, EO4 is probably worth a look. Really seems like they added a lot of polish to this one. Plus, the 2D menus mixed with the 3D effects make the game look really nice.

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Looks like you have free reign with the classes (aside from unlockable/secret classes) and the level cap for the demo is 10. Progress carries over to the retail version.

At any rate, the game's 3D effects look great if that's the life you want to lead. Otherwise, this seems like an Etrian Odyssey-ass Etrian Odyssey game.

Anybody else stoked for this?