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What kinda savages don't flush?

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I hope Relic stays intact and they can keep doing what they are doing :/


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Hey all,

I know a couple people took a poke at AVWW when it came out. Arcen has already rolled into AVWW 2 with a significant facelift and revamped gameplay. If you own the first game on steam, you automatically have the sequel and can install and play the beta for AVWW 2.

I'm only an hour or two into things right now, but it certainly seems a lot tighter. I'd say the general aesthetic is more widely appealing, too, but the art style of the first game didn't bug me as much as it did others. There does seem to be less resource gathering and crafting right now, but that might change later. I like that the combat is a lot more streamlined and I'm generally okay with the removal of mouse controls. It seems a lot closer to the metroidvania/roguelike thing they had in mind before.

Anyone else check it out?

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@MuttersomeTaxicab: Yeah, you echo the rest of what I think about that game pretty well, though I didn't bother with the Ur Dragon, at least not on this playthrough (I am genuinely considering going for a S-Rank of this game despite most of the quests in that game being of the tedious "kill X" variety). Having been reminded that the Dark Arisen expansion is a thing, I am excited to see what Capcom has learned already after a year. As I said, plenty of room for improvement.

From what I understand, if you're in NG+, there's a spot on the beach in Cassardis that'll get you to the Ur Dragon without having to play through again to get to the Everfall.

At any rate, busting even a single heart on the online Ur Dragon is stupendously tough, even with a two-star dark-enchanted Dragon's Dogma. Looks like the rewards for doing significant damage to it are pretty high. The offline version I can almost take down. It's a neat concept anyway.

See, I didn't really find the "kill x" quests too frustrating. I just kept them active as I did other stuff and very rarely had to actively seek something out to kill it. They'd just tick off as I was playing (especially after getting access to the Everfall.) But yeah, it also meant regular runs to collect all the active quests on the notice boards.

Agreed, though. I'm really hoping Dark Arisen shows that Capcom has figured out what was awesome about the game and what needed a little improvement.

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I decided to sit down with Dragon's Dogma some time in early December to really make that final push. It's pretty much all I did over the holidays when I wasn't visiting family but, man. That post-dragon stuff is awesome. I could probably press on to take out the Seneschal, but I want to get at least one bit of Ur-Dragon loot before I do that. The lack of online multiplayer doesn't bug me too much. I really thought the pawn exchange thing was kinda cool, if skeezy, given all the young female pawns in thongs and the microtransactions. I'd rather see them build on that or keep fleshing out the asynchronous multiplayer features like the Ur-Dragon than see some hamfisted co-op.

I agree, though, it's frustrating that the mid-game is so directionless, especially with no indication of what's a story mission once you get to Gran Soren.

I didn't really mind the lack of fast travel. It would've been nice if they'd indicated what clearing out the mines would net, though. Would've made those numerous treks to Shadowfort a lot more pleasant, since I didn't get to the mines until I'd mostly finished the quests in that area. Plus, at a certain point in that game, $9000 for a ferrystone from Fournival isn't a big deal.

And, ultimately, I'm just really pleased with how hard Capcom leaned into the crazy shit at the end. I really wish that was more fleshed out or at least fully intertwined with the world. That level of endgame crazy, coupled with their "promise" that they'd revise their DLC structure going forward gives me a lot of hope for the expansion this year.

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Was listening to the bombcast this morning and heard Jeff mention that he was playing Drox Operative. Of all the guys on the site, he seemed to be the last one I figured would go in for that sort of thing. Given Soldak's history of MMO-style attacks and vaguely weird/incomprehensible procedural weirdness with Din's Curse, I figured that would alienate the hell out of him, but he seemed partially positive (or at least interested in doing a quick look.)

Anybody else check this out over the holidays? I pre-ordered and played a lot of the beta while they were updating on the regular. Haven't had time to go back to it since around October or so.

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@MuttersomeTaxicab: Those NPCS had their arcs though, you've already seen just about all of the interesting aspects of their character play out over the course of the first game. To go back to those characters and fill in the details would rob them of their mystique. I think that Lautrec, for example, is a great Souls game character - an unpredictable and dangerous guy with hints of malevolence about him, who gives with one hand and takes with the other. I think that his character would be severely diminished if you were privy to his backstory, his motivations, and the sequence of events which put him in the cell at the start of Dark Souls. Those mundane details would add nothing to the interactions that you have with him. The titbits of information that you get from his gear are enough to suggest some context without explicitly stating anything about Lautrec himself, which is how I like these characters to be handled. The Souls games are usually pretty good about withholding all of the information that you think you want and instead giving you just the bits that you need to make some sense of the characters.

Yeah, don't get me wrong, part of what I love about the characters is how obtuse they all are. It's not a souls game if every goddamn NPC doesn't laugh inscrutibly at the most inappropriate moments. As much as I kind of want to figure out why Petrus or Lautrec did what they did in Dark Souls, part of what keeps that game interesting for me is that mystique. To have those stories fully surfaced would run counter to the world and mood that From seems to have built.

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Another thing I'm sure others have brought up is the non-linearity of time in the Dark Souls universe, right? Like some stuff is happening concurrently even though events of Dark Souls are chronologically after the resolution of those events. Isn't that kind of what's happening with the NPC invasions?

So, yeah. Even if they set it in an earlier time, they're under no obligation to remain faithful to how those events played out in the first game.

I would hope that they're obligated to commit to the events of the first game and the key points of lore which set up the world state for that game. All of the "heroes adrift in time" stuff was just the janky lore justification for the pvp mechanics, I don't remember it having any bearing on the actual events of the game. The dlc is predicated on you travelling back in time and experiencing events prior to the main setting so time must progress in a linear fashion up to a certain point.

The new game is likely set in a different time and a different place, at least far enough from the original game's setting to make the events of that game irrelevant to the new game. There is no reason to revisit the characters or places from Dark Souls unless it's to show the gods in their prime, being badass at a great distance. Even that would just be fan service of a sort.

Well, yeah. I imagine the stuff about the Age of Fire and Seath's betrayal of the everlasting dragons, etc. etc. etc. would all be considered as real parts of the world in which Dark Souls II takes place. I guess it depends on whether FROM is convinced that it's their lore that's the most compelling or the characters. I'd love to learn more about Lautrec, for example, or Petrus, but unless they were really paying close attention, I imagine most players didn't even realize that there were character arcs for the random NPCs. Judging from the way the first game was built, I imagine the characters are largely secondary, so the likelihood is higher that I'll see Carim, rather than hang out with Lautrec.

Though, who knows? The way they folded the DLC into the original game also happened to flesh Dusk out a bit more.

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Another thing I'm sure others have brought up is the non-linearity of time in the Dark Souls universe, right? Like some stuff is happening concurrently even though events of Dark Souls are chronologically after the resolution of those events. Isn't that kind of what's happening with the NPC invasions?

So, yeah. Even if they set it in an earlier time, they're under no obligation to remain faithful to how those events played out in the first game.

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