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Start of the year: Dark Souls. (~75 hours)

Middle of the year: Diablo III (~90 hours)

End of the year: Borderlands II (~120 hours)

Honourable mention: Dragon's Dogma (~60 hours (?))

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I wish the prose for 999 was half as engaging as it is for Crimson Shroud. For me, I'm pretty hooked. I love the hardcore dedication to trying to replicate D&D; mechanics. The looting system seems pretty neat as well. I can totally see why some folks would be really put off by it, but I'm enjoying myself a fair bit.

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I got about 10 or 11 hours into Dragon's Dogma earlier in the year but had to put it down in favour of other stuff that was coming out. After coming back to it, I'd say his main criticisms were exactly what pushed me away from the game in the first place, but once I got deeper into the vocation system, I started to see where the fun lay. I'm at the tail-end of Act I now and seem to have a better feel for Dragon's Dogma. Really looking forward to plowing through the rest of it, especially because the endgame sounds fucking awesome. For me, this seems like he's created a video version of a long-form review. Nothing wrong with that, really. If you really only cared about his main points, watch the first couple minutes and maybe fast-forward to the last few minutes for his conclusion. (Just as if you were scrolling down to read the conclusion/score on a written review.) If you're there to absorb the more "entertaining" aspects of the critique/performance, then that's also a viable choice.

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I'm rolling as a Magic Archer for the most part right now, but once I max it out, I'm going to play around with a few others (Assassin is high on my list, as is Mystic Knight.)

Magic Archer is fun to play as, but I felt like it took a while before my skills were doing any appreciable damage. Though that magic flare + undead is super satisfying if you can nail a group of them.

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I am needing to aquire some rift crystals. If anyone can rent out my pawn I would really appreciate it. I do not have anything to trade, but I will gladly reciprocate the gesture.

GT: Hacoona71

Pawn: Calypso.

Xbox or PS3?

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure we'll just see HD versions of Wii games rather than a patch to allow the WiiU to upscale existing Wii games. I'm just hoping this treatment is extended to weirder shit like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, No More Heroes, Xenoblade Chronicles, etc.

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This, also surprised me. I think it's wonderful.

Me too!

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@MuttersomeTaxicab: Depends on what you define as art. I think you are trying to say a game without illustration or visual aesthetic- which it kind of does have on a basic level. Art goes beyond that though, so it makes sense, and there is more to it for their filter, part of which involves how the game is coded. A lot of how a game is designed is considered as well. From what I have been reading on this they are recognizing video games for their art on several levels beyond the aesthetics.

Yeah. I was mostly making a stupid joke for the sake of making a stupid joke. I was blithely praising the MoMA for not just picking the games with the highest production values when it comes to their art department, though. Some of the coolest emergent narratives have come out of Eve Online and Dwarf Fortress. So awesome to see them getting their propers in a for-real artsy setting. Looks like they've actually got their heads on straight and aren't just throwing up their hands and opening it to some stupid public vote.