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I save-scummed in DoomRL and XCOM.

I also backtrack back to the last bonfire I used after I beat a boss in Dark Souls, rather than press on into the unknown with a shit-ton of souls.

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@BisonHero said:


I think he is trying to shave a child.

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Brad needs to go to the top of the CBSi building and glare back into the all-seeing eye of Sauron, just to let it know he won't brook no bullshit. Not today, not ever.

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Snagged it. Thanks.

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I actually really enjoyed the TV show.

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It always irks me when they speak about the kinds of games I like (insert RPG or strategy game here) as if they were impenetrable and only for crazy people, but I've gotten used to it by now.


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I, for one, really liked the pawn system. Then again, I really didn't have a significant point in which any of my pawns felt useless or exceedingly dumb. (I also didn't have super high expectations when I went in, either. Most of the time I'd just revive them when they went down and leave them to their devices.)

Given how absolutely shaky Dragon's Dogma already is in terms of framerate issues and a lot of shit going down on the screen, I can't fathom having two, three, or four players all going batshit insane in a room. I get that people want a Monster Hunter game in North America, but that shit already happened, remember? That one on the Wii? I bet that worked out real well for them.

But yeah, it's probably the same reason why Skyrim doesn't have multiplayer: it's a lot of time and resources to spend on something that might be a bit busted in the end, when that time and resources could have been used to flesh out the game world. And even then, Dragon's Dogma has a great late-to-end game, but man that middle bit is pretty fucked.

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What kinda savages don't flush?

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I hope Relic stays intact and they can keep doing what they are doing :/


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Hey all,

I know a couple people took a poke at AVWW when it came out. Arcen has already rolled into AVWW 2 with a significant facelift and revamped gameplay. If you own the first game on steam, you automatically have the sequel and can install and play the beta for AVWW 2.

I'm only an hour or two into things right now, but it certainly seems a lot tighter. I'd say the general aesthetic is more widely appealing, too, but the art style of the first game didn't bug me as much as it did others. There does seem to be less resource gathering and crafting right now, but that might change later. I like that the combat is a lot more streamlined and I'm generally okay with the removal of mouse controls. It seems a lot closer to the metroidvania/roguelike thing they had in mind before.

Anyone else check it out?