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#1 Posted by MuzykMann (50 posts) -

Seriously in shock here. Like many others, I followed Ryan from Gamespot to Giantbomb. For a website that grew a community of followers largely for its ability to make us all feel like we're "one of the guys", the loss of one of the guys hits like the loss of a best friend.

A huge loss to the entire gaming community. RIP buddy.

#2 Posted by MuzykMann (50 posts) -

I was really pulling for EA over the past year or two. Johnny R seemed to be trying to put gamers first, embrace new IPs, take risks, and just generally keep the company on the up and up. Over the past month or so, that seems to have fallen through. Why the rude awakening EA? What changed to turn you all back into the scum of the gaming industry?

#3 Posted by MuzykMann (50 posts) -
@hpv said:
" Why do people continue to complain about content like this being on the disc? If they're going to charge you for it either way isn't it better to be on the disc when possible (like when it's finished before the game goes to press)?  You're not gaining any value by having the data delivered separately. You're also not losing any value by it being on the disc if you don't pay to unlock it. In neither the case of the game, nor the additional content, is the value proposition changed by altering the delivery mechanism. "

I completely understand your logic, but the part that upsets people isn't a value thing, it's the fact that they paid for the disk once when they bought the game, then they're forced to make more purchases to unlock what's on the disk. While no different financially, it's the feeling of paying for something twice.
#4 Posted by MuzykMann (50 posts) -

Putting my name on here as well. I was thrilled to pay my money to the Giant Bomb staff in the form of the app purchase. I thought it was a good way to support the site. Since it's release, the staff has completely failed to support the app. I had figured the quick and dirty database browser of an app would be updated later with a nicer interface, a way to view news article titles properly in the browse pane, etc. Instead, it's been completely broken. 
Whereas I was excited to pay for the iphone app, I scoffed at the subscription service. It feels like GB convinced us to shell out our $$ using the staff everyone loves, the staff that feels like friends to those of us who have been following them since the site that won't be named,  and turned and ran as soon as we dropped the coin. Why would I walk into the same ploy again?
Disappointed. And as someone who thought he had found a game site by real people who care about the community, disillusioned.

#5 Posted by MuzykMann (50 posts) -

Let me just go ahead and tell you guys, sex while playing video games is not all its cracked up to be. Kinda hard to focus on either, yet both deserve your full attention. Lotta cognitive dissonance. Think about it.

#6 Posted by MuzykMann (50 posts) -

I know the PS2 is gonna win a lot of votes here, and rightly so. I, for some reason, gotta go with the 360. I scoffed at the original xbox, didnt care at all when they launched the 360, but Bioshock got me to buy one and it's been love ever since. My personal favorite console of all time, flaws and all.

#7 Posted by MuzykMann (50 posts) -

I know it doesn't necessarily help right away, but I highly recommend McGyvering a real kick pedal instead of buying a new Rock Band version. You can get a cheap one for a couple bucks more than a replacement, and for a few bucks worth of radio shack parts and 30 minutes of time you can get a real, metal kick drum pedal working with rock band. The one that ships with Rock Band is simply a mono 1/8" adapter hooked up to a normally closed circuit. Get a mono adapter, some wire, and normally closed sensors (the type they make for window alarms) and some duct tape and it's the best upgrade you'll ever find.
I know, I know, not everybody likes rigging up stuff like that, but nothing beats (no pun intended) the feeling of having the hammer actually bounce back when you kick. Makes a world of difference. Highly recommended.

#8 Edited by MuzykMann (50 posts) -

Why is it that the less attractive the individual, the more they like to bash uberhotties? It's like people who aren't able to get super attractive partners convince themselves that they're just not attracted to that "look". Being intimidated by her is not the same as finding her unattractive folks.
The girl. Without a doubt. Job might last 3-5 years. But I'd ALWAYS be able to say I had Jessica Alba screaming my name.
EDIT: oh who am I kidding. With her, I'd be done in 8 seconds. Girl is FOOOOOOYNE. Decision still stands though.

#9 Posted by MuzykMann (50 posts) -
(numbered for clarity)
@Slippy said:

1 No, and if they do I will quit gaming.
2 They won't, better graphics and sound will. 'HD' is almost like 3D - it's going to take another gen to really utilise all the potential invested in the better hardware.
3 They won't, simply because R&D costs put a limit on the technology in these controllers. Natal is a webcam which just so happens to use the 360's power to do some fancy things - Wii remote and Sony dildo are some accelerometers and gyroscopes crammed in a plastic shell. There is nothing evolutionary about them, and I think the Wii in its current state proves this. 
4 None of them. They will all soon discover that Nintendo's success lay in the re-invention of its image and clever marketing.

1) We don't care.
2) What makes you think technology can't progress on more than one front at the same time?
3) It was my understanding that Natal has multiple sensors that allow it to do what it does. Sony Gem incorporates the playstation camera to track location in a 3d space as well as the accelerometers and gyroscopes. Totally different than the Wii controls, and if they work they could be REVolutionary, not just evolutionary. Where are you finding R&D numbers? What do you even mean by that? If all three use different tech, how is it possible to judge one by another?
4) I agree with your assessment of Nintendo. That has nothing to do with Natal or Gem. Don't be so quick to judge that which you have never tried.
#10 Posted by MuzykMann (50 posts) -
@AshleyBTB said:
" @ninjakiller said:
As a slutty American girl, I can easily whore my way out of the kitchen area thank you very much. "
 It's a good life being in charge of the kitchen, I guess.
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