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@golguin said:

I'm not going to bust a Madoka

But yeah, I'm with you. If people tell me they hate anime, I'm not going to suggest they watch it.

If they're looking for a recommendation to get into it though, I'll point them towards stuff I know they'll enjoy specifically. Or End of Evangelion for a laugh.

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What's your budget and how much space do you need?

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Surely the only real answer to "Should I watch NG Evangelion, or the rebuilds?" is GUNBUSTER.

But seriously, I like them both for different reasons. Though if I had to pick I'd take the series, I find it hella cathartic.

The rebuilds are a gorgeous spectacle that happen to pull from source material that I enjoy. But they don't leave me nearly depressed enough.

Also they don't reference this scene at all... So that's instant minus points.

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The chocobo racing if you're after Tidus's ultimate weapon probably, and the butterfly stuff for Kimahri's. You'll probably find the temple with the moving platforms a pain too. Other than that, twitch could probably play it.

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@metroidcommando: No mention from anyone yet. I get the impression that since it wasn't up to begin with, I wouldn't hold out hope for it ever popping up. The way things are going with EU digital distribution (with Persona 4 Arena up and vanishing with all it's DLC without a word), I'll probably just move to a NA account permanently at some point...

@xyzygy: I think you really have to like BlazBlue to get anything out of it, as it was made on the cheap, and BlazBlue plot is confusing as hell... Though don't take my word for it, I've only watched the episode that came with the CE/a few trailers, as well as reading some interweb discussion on it.

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@risenreaper21: Yeah, I get what you mean, it's still not great. The evokers help a little, giving them something to do rather than just stand about. There are a number of scenes with them tackling lesser shadows directly with their weapons, but these battles are woefully one sided, meaning they're pretty short, so there's not enough time for the action to get going.

Maybe it'll improve when Aigis can just shoot at stuff, but I can see the majority of boss fights turning into solely persona based affairs.


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@beforet: I was rooting for you too! :(

Though I feel a little better knowing I'm not the only one who struggled with it.

I am also in full support of your idea of EVERYTHING being cannon.

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@smtdante89: I look forward to seeing you rage in the other thread. Best of luck!

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There are, but they're really quiet, and I couldn't get the timing down without the video.

It's a real dick move, as normally when the screen fades to black and people start talking, you put the controller down...

I was also THIS close to giving up and watching the endings too, but I carried on like an idiot.

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Just posting what I stuck in the other thread in case it helps people out in any way.

Rhythm game took me about 6 hours, I finally cracked it using the sync video more as a guide than a rule. As in, I did the majority of it using the audio cues, using the video more to count the notes than anything, and again towards the end for the slower fade to black notes, because fuck them.

I'm not saying it'll work for everyone, but that's how I managed it... eventually...

As for progress, I failed a lot at sister 2s first quick double note initially for some reason, then after passing that, it was sister 1s double note (not the first few, there's one particular one, you'll probably know what I'm talking about). But after realizing I should just be listening for the cues, rather than trying to match the sync video, this bit became pretty easy.

Anyway, after 3-4 hours I was able to get to the last part VERY consistently. After that, it was the 7 quick notes, followed by a pause and 1 that tripped me up the most, and the reaaaalllyyy slow notes at the end, which I just used the sync video for. Fucking up here was the WORST though, as you're almost 8 minutes in by this point...

Best of luck though, it's one of those things where you just have to spend a dumb amount of time training yourself to do it right. Unless you're one of those people who has a knack for this kinda thing, goddamn those people...

Beating it is hella cathartic once you spend that much time on it, felt good...

I used this guide, think there are 2 floating around: