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Using a Hori one here, by some miracle I applied it correctly first time, so the bottom screen looks and functions as it did before. As mentioned above, I was a little worried that prolonged use of rhythm games might do a number on the screen, so for me it was worth it for the peace of mind.

Had I botched the installation though, I probably wouldn't have bothered trying again.

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Bought pretty much all of them, I'd recommend them in the following order if you aren't buying them all:

The Future Past pack and the Scramble Pack are great for some more character interaction. Future Past requires a bit of strategy to pull off perfectly, while I was probably vastly over leveled for any of the Scramble maps to provide a challenge.

Lost Bloodlines and Smash Brethren give access to the Dread Fighter and Bride class respectively. Though I wasn't really a fan of old Hubba and his cards, even if he was determined to break the 4th wall.

I have the other packs too, but felt I could take or leave them. Maybe the Challenge Pack if you want a lot of gold to kit out a jerk street pass team. Some of the writing in the Challenge Pack also almost made me giggle.

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Well I bought one to sell off on ebay at a later date, but now it's here... I'm kinda attached to it... Goddammit.

Anyway, I placed my order before I made the post and got number 352, if you want to try and work out how quickly they're selling. (Post went up just after they opened it up for sale).

I have a fairly good turntable setup and home, and for picture discs, they don't sound too bad at all (maybe I just got lucky). There's very noticeable fuzz between tracks, and one or two tracks were a bit poppy, but the majority of mine were very clean. Now I should probably resist the urge to play them more...

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I only have Liberation Maiden from the list, I liked it quite a bit, it's an interesting way to play a shooter (unless you're left handed). And as mentioned above, the plot is adorably dumb. Feels like it has a budget behind it too, unlike some other eshop titles, voice acting and fairly spiffy visuals included.

It's pretty short though, maybe 1-2 hours? Which means it's finished before it starts to get old. Which I suppose is a good thing? Think I eventually dumped close to 8 hours into it, completing all the challenges...

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QA to ensure Kinect is compatible with the curazzzyyy EU languages.

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There's a bit of an "unboxing" here, as I know how much the internet loves those.

As for not being available to buy in NA, seems there are already a few on ebay you could feasibly import, if you're desperate to get ripped off.

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Apologies if this contravenes any kind of form rules, and I don't work for Squeenix, honest!

But there's limited 1200 print run of the Final Fantasy VII OST on Picture Vinyl up on the EU Squeenix store RIGHT NOW! If you're still looking for a Christmas present, or some ebay fodder.

It's also up on the JP store, but not the NA store, alas...

Now let the debate of digital vs analog Cosmo Canyon begin!

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Just a reminder that this is out in Europe THIS FRIDAY!

Train summons for all!