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Diablo? Or Neverwinter? Or one of those weird Warcraft 3 RPG maps..?

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They can't be unlocked in game. As for content, according to Dustloop:

Vol.1: Stages - Kagutsuchi Port 10:30 AM, Cathedral, Halloween -Origin-, The Gate, Sheol Gate, and Moonlight Castle / Themes - Rebellion, Lust Sin, Under Heaven Destruction, and Awakening the Chaos. (Includes Pallete Color 22)

Vol.2: Stages - Lost Town, Circus, Postpriandal Happy, and Heritage Museum / Themes - Queen of Rose, Catus Carnival, Marionette Purple, Alexandrite, and X-Matic.

Vol.3: Stages - Orient Town, Ronin-Gai, Rest Time, Ronin-Gai Night, and Bascule / Themes - Motor Head, Oriental Flower, Gale, Howling Moon, and Active Angel.

Vol.4: Stages - Area 28, Monorail, Hanging Gardens, and Cocoon Area 28 / Themes - Weak Executioner, Thin RED Line, Memory of Tears, Codemnation Wings, and Plastic Night.

There may also be a Vol.5/6 on the way? The music remakes in BBCP aren't bad, but I still think I prefer the originals in most respects.

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So this is out in the US now, and while I'm technically importing it (Europe doesn't have a release date yet), I'd say the wider world has access to it now.

Anything I should be super aware of? I've not really played since a few months after CS extend was released, and while I'd normally be obsessively keeping up with changes, I've kinda lost track with this.

I was hoping P4A would tide me over, but I never really found a character that stuck as well as Tao did, so I'm also totally out of practice...

Any tips about getting back into it? And is anyone particularly broken this time around?

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Don't cast bufu.

And do the Kanji social link.

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Either way, I'm thoroughly looking forward to the sequel! And thanks for kicking off the discussion!

I also forgot to mention that bloody capsule machine, goddamn that thing...

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@fluxwavez said:

That does sound a bit weird that you like Battle Royale, yet you didn't enjoy the aspect of betrayal and hopelessness of Danganronpa. That's a big part of what I absolutely love about it and I don't see it as "glorifying the whole thing", but that that's what it is: there doesn't always have to be a good ending or good feelings associated with this stuff. In fact, I'm glad that's not part of this game since it would tone down the intensity of the whole thing. The game's main theme is "despair", after all.

Also, the execution scenes are just full on black comedy and also serve to show that the game isn't messing around when it comes to people's death. I like that about it.

Maybe I didn't quite phrase it right, I really dig the similar aspects of betrayal and hopelessness in both this and the Zero Escape games, it's just Danganronpa is maybe a little too madcap for me to truly appreciate it, or something like that? It's difficult to explain exactly. I mean Battle Royal is silly, but it's silly in much more of a grounded way, that I perhaps enjoy more.

Feel I should also clarify "Not to mention that the person you could be trying to build a relationship with could end up dead a few minutes later.". There were a couple of people I didn't even manage to speak to before they wound up dead, the net effect being I didn't really know enough about them to care much. Though you're right, when they kill off a character you've invested some time in, it provides a great incentive to get more involved with the story.

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No real spoilers here, just that "twists happen".

I was really hoping this was going to be similar to the Zero Escape games, it is kinda, but it also misses some of the aspects I thought made VLR/999 great.

The cast are alright, they do their archetypes well enough, though I still found the cast of VLR/999 (and Persona as it so frequently seems to get compared to) much more memorable. They try and incorporate some sort of social link aspect, but I've not really got it to work, maybe I just hung around with the wrong people? After the first few bouts of "free time" people seemed to just stop talking to me, so I didn't gain any SP or perks in the latter half of the game, which also meant no one had anything worthwhile to say. Not to mention that the person you could be trying to build a relationship with could end up dead a few minutes later.

The trials and evidence collecting are by far and away the best part. I get the impression that you can't really fail to collect all the evidence? I could be wrong, but looking for stuff I noticed earlier made me feel clever... The nonstop debate parts of the trials are amazing (like everyone so far; suggest playing them on hard to make them more fun), I always got a kick out of selecting the correct contradiction from a number of possible options. I'm not entirely sure I like the rhythm game and hangman parts, though they only really happen once or twice per trial. Hangman seems a bit simplistic, and there's no real puzzle to the rhythm game. The "put the events in order" part of the trial is pretty good too, though I often found myself a little confused, as the tiles can be a bit vague sometimes...

A couple of times I felt I had the trial sorted before anyone even started giving evidence, but the game threw enough twists (even arbitrarily sometimes?) to keep me from getting too clever clogs.

In all, I liked it. The tone put me off a little; VLR/999 didn't revel too much in their murder/betrayal situation, as in, there was a way out as long as people could cooperate. Where as Danganronpa positively glorifies the whole thing, so it turns from "who can you trust" to "don't trust anyone", the execution scenes were perhaps a bit much too... Though as a person who adores the Battle Royale film, I feel a little hypocritical writing this...

People keep saying the 2nd game refines everything set out in the original, which has me pretty hype. As getting all the elements thrown into this game right is a really exiting prospect!

Edit: I've not played any of the Ace Attorney series (I should probably get on that) so I don't have much basis for comparison there. But I imagine a series based around trials handles trials better than Danganronpa too. Even if the context is totally different.

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Noone ever seems to link the Earthworm Jim soundtrack. So that!

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@guesty_01 said:

Was considering looking into this game myself, though I think I might be better off with the 360 Tales game.

Go for Vesperia if you have the option, I found Abyss to be one of the weaker tales games. Though it's still totally worth playing if you enjoy the series.

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Geddit? I'm sure there was a better joke title...

Anyway, what's everyone's go to party setup at the moment? I'm having a lot of fun mixing and matching classes, but I'm gravitating towards re-creating a bastardized version of my FFIX party for some reason...

  • Agnès: White Mage/Summoner
  • Tiz: Pirate/Ranger
  • Edea: Valkyrie/Spell Fencer
  • Ringabel: Black Mage/Time Mage

Tiz and Edea put out some crazy damage depending on what you point them at (both using the Knight class 2H ability), however Tiz seems to spend a lot of time dead because of it.

Also, my sympathies to any patrons of the US reading this, but I know how you feel, honest! February isn't too far off now.