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The required knowledge of Japanese makes me think Giant Bomb wants to start an Asia Desk run from New York, this plus the mention of managing freelancers, makes me think/hope that Giant Bomb is in the process of setting up it's own Tokyo based, subsidiary/ spin-off. Which considering Jeff's recent comments on his Tumblr, that the video style for UPF was inspired by Japanese Television, would make it full circle.

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Football Manager, Gunz 2, Taxi, The Castle Doctrine, and a game I already forgot are my preliminary choices.

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Treat my versace belt like it's a mistletoe

- 2 Chainz

this single sentence is really dumb

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If Adnan isn't guilty, then who is? But guilty or not, the lawyer kinda fucked him over by not allowing him to speak his mind during the trial. And how is there no record of a pay phone or lack thereof in the infamous Best Buy parking lot.

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A weekly video game history lecture, presented by Professor Jeffrey Gerstmann. Where a historically important game, maybe connected to that particular week is played and its importance in video game history is discussed.

Dan vs Food, a video series where Dan is introduced to food that is weird to him.

A series in which Alex with Vinny as his witty sidekick plays the worst game ever for our entertainment.

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While I don't really agree with the firmness of certain rules. The mods have done and are doing an amazing job of keeping this community on a consistently high level. Even though the site is obviously growing the mods are doing a great job to not let the growth impair the quality of the community. I cannot for the life of me imagine what it must be like reading all those terrible comments. I <3 U GUYZ XOXO

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Nope don't think I wil play this, but then I think the developers don't really care wether people play it or not. They've already reached their goal, which was to make people talk about their game. In some weird way this almost sounds like a game that was made to be brought up in the video games are bad discussion, that pops up every once in a while.

Since I'm not really in the mood to watch the trailer, maybe someone could answer this question: What's the goal of this 'game'? How do you advance? What's the challenge?

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no not really, unless someone who is infected starts peeing on random strangers in the street, we will probably be fine.

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@bocam: Depends. If you're just talking about drugs then no. If you're talking about what they said, maybe. It's more about context in that situation. If you're curious, like the rule says, just contact the mods and we'll let you know. Generally though drug talk will get you moderated.

I can attest to this, made a poll asking about the types of drugs, GB Users had experience with, out of curiosity. The mods closed it and reminded me of the rules.

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Destiny, Monster Hunter, Mass Effect, Pokemon, Assassins Creed, The Batman Arkham games, The Witcher, The Elder Scrolls and fallout are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.