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All I want is the Snoop Dogg version of Riders on the Storm as the main theme for this game.

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It seems the show is starting an hour earlier.

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On his Tumblr, he mentioned the challenge being a nightmare logistics wise.

San Francisco doesn’t have enough of the required fast food places in close proximity. Doing that with “fresh” burgers would be really tough in the office.

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I should hire one of those robots with an ipad for a face and attend the party that way.

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In my experience I've found that tabcasting the Livestream works quite well, but I'm on crazy fast university internet so that might not be a very realistic setup. You could also use the GB Plex channel and stream to chromecast using that or go the way of the apps.

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Not really a mugging but close enough that I'll share it. I was walking home late at night when someone approached me telling me some people had stolen his wallet and that he really needed some money for gas. When I told him I wasn't carrying any cash, he suggested I could us the ATM to get some cash. Meanwhile I was still walking homeward, telling him I didn't feel like going to the ATM to get some cash for a stranger. But he wouldn't take no for an answer and kept following me, so I ended up giving him the €5 that was in my wallet, just to get him of my back.

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I'm on two minds on this, on one hand I really want more games from the brilliant minds that brought us Portal 1 and 2. On the other hand If those brilliant minds really wanted to make more games they could just get up and leave, so they must be staying with Valve for a reason. I respect Valve for not flooding the market with the same money making cash cow every year. But something smaller once in a while, in the spirit of the first Portal would at least show us that there is something going on besides Steam, Dota, TF2 and Counter Strike.

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I respect Madrid but Barca has always been closer to my heart. And though the influence of us dutch isn't as pronounced as it once was. I still feel some sort of connection to that club. I also find the perceived lack of vision for Real quite disturbing, where Ancelotti's only task is to put as much attacking players on the field as possible. But that is a discussion for another thread.

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I am really fascinated by sport teams 'abusing' the ruleset of the game to win. You may not like them, but they often shake things up, and force teams and the respective associations to change their tactics. Also the use of statistics to determine a style of play is super interesting.

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Twitch will be announcing a TV channel, available with your cable provider where they wil showcase the best of twitch 24 hours a day 7 days a week for only $10 dollars a month. Or they're announcing the rebranding of Twitch as Amazon TV.