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rabobank, a dutch bank

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She has a valid complaint. I mean, its like Rockstar wasn't even trying to hide the fact that they were stealing her likeness

Compared to her Mark Margolis looks like a five year old.

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I've always liked Phill Fish because he spoke his mind. Because he is arrogant and rude. Because of his confidence to say whatever he wanted to say. And while I didn't always agreed with what he said and he could've used better words for some of his statements. I still think he's pretty cool

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Ajax and The Netherlands

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The lego movie 5/5 really funny.

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Utrecht, The Netherlands

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yeah sure, i'll join in.

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Great article Patrick, really phenomenal writing. Right now I think Oculus needs to show how the facebook Buyout is benefiting the gamer.

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Really great insight into developing a game, makes me wish he was a regular or had his own podcast on the sight.

I want to ask if APIs are used for all console games or if writing to metal means bypassing APIs like I've be told in the past. I spoke to Digital Foundry and they told me DX was used for all Xbox games, but I've also been told AAA games tend to not use APIs on consoles... like which one is it? Titanfall is using DX11 on the Xbox One, which has got my interest lately, because it could mean DX12 would be a nice advancement for them. All confusing though, different information from different people, all of it is probably wrong lol.

I'd love for him to be on more often to give us the inside scoop, was super interesting this week.

API's are used for all games, console API's however are a much closer and thinner than their PC counterparts which reduces normal API overhead significantly. All games on the Xbox One are using a custom flavour of DX11.1, that customization removes the entire driver side of the rendering process which reduces CPU overhead on a massive scale and instead the API provides a direct line to the hardware.

Isn't reducing the API overhead to make it closer to the metal like consoles something AMD is doing with Mantle?

And yes I agree it's always really great to hear stories from the other side.