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A Superb RTS That Excels At What It Does 0

Having been playing this game since it was released, I consider myself familiar with this game, but by no means an expert. I couldn't wait to see this game released, I'd been following it for a few months before its release. When I follow a game for length of time like that, I'm usually unsatisfied with the end result, but RUSE has surpassed my expectations. What Eugen Systems has created is, quite boldly, the best RTS I've seen on home consoles (excluding PC). But do not think you'll be able to...

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Open World Adventure Done Right. 0

It's tough to find open world games today, it's even harder to find one that's worth playing. Lucky for you, this is one of the few; proud open-world games worth playing and/or buying. When you look for an open-world game, what do you look for? A large map, interesting environment, side missions, towns, etc... Good, because this game has it all.  STORY: The story of Red Faction: Guerrilla is easy to get into, but seems "run-of-the-mill." Humans have colonized Mars, but Earth has imposed heavy sa...

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A Great Game Shot Down Too Quick 0

Lost Planet 2 is truly much better than recent reviews pin it. There, I said it. It seems as though most people haven't given this game a chance and just go by what a large media syndicate says the game is worth. And this my friends is rubbish.   GRAPHICS: The graphics in Lost Planet 2 are stellar. Whether your in an icy tundra, a tropical rainforest, or an arid desert; your surroundings look true to life. Being in the rainforest of E.D.N. III made me feel like I was in the jungle of Peter Jacks...

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A Praiseworthy Battlefield Game, Neglected By It's Creators 0

 Allow me to start off by saying. $15 for a downloadable game that has fully destructible environments, absolutely massive maps, quality graphics, and timeless replayablility is almost a steal. Battlefield 1943 is, in my opinion, the best Battlefield game aside from the Bad Company series. Both use the same game engine by the way. But what 1943 has done splendidly is once again invigorate the WWII Battlefield 19XX series to it's proud stand-point.   GRAPHICS: The graphics in 1943 completely surp...

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The Battlefield continues to impress 0

With names like Battlefield Modern Combat, Battlefield 1942, and Battlefield Vietnam. The Bad Company series had a lot to live up to, not to mention online competition against the now enormously popular Call of Duty series. And Bad Company 2 has done more than live up to its predecessors, it has surpassed them!   GRAPHICS: the graphics in Bad Co. 2 are absolutely stunning, from icy, snow-capped mountains, to arid dusty deserts to, lush tropical rainforests. Bad Co. 2 surpasses its competition. L...

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Great game, gone under the radar 0

IL-2 Sturmovik is the flight-sims first debut on consoles. And I must say, it did a good transfer from PC, keep in mind good not great. IL-2's graphics are superb, the planes are as realistic and historically accurate as can be. Not only do the planes themselves look fantastic, but for a flight-sim, the ground texture was beautifully done. Though focusing on the "flight" aspect, the developers did a wonderful job on making the terrain look accurate to the area you are at. The controls may take a...

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