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It'll be fine. They just want people to review it on current gen, since that's where they expect to pick up most of their sales. If they sent the 360 or PS3 version, everyone would say "game looks like shit", and if they sent the PC version console people would wonder "butbut wat aboot the console experience"?

Sending the current gen makes the game look good and makes undescerning 360/PS3 owners think that it'll look that good on last gen so they'll run out to buy it.

What are you talking about? Ubisoft doesn't give a crap if people buy the new consoles, they only sell the games. They are allowed to provide different copies of the game to different reviewers. They don't only have to send out all console versions or all PC versions. There are entire review publications that only do PC reviews, it wouldn't make any sense to give them a console copy, so Ubisoft basically ignores them.

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Dark Souls 2 for sure. The game is okay I guess, but it felt like week-old leftovers compared to Dark Souls. So glad Bloodborne is coming out only a year from the release of Dark Souls 2.

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I'll be pleased with a Rorie review, I didn't know he did reviews. He seems to like the same RPGs that I do - even if Inquisition isn't as hardcore as Wasteland 2 or Divinity: Original Sin - his perspective is more useful to me than the majority of other reviews I've seen from people with a pretty ordinary background with RPGs. Patrick seems to be getting on board but is still a newbie.

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It does seem fairly obvious that FC4 is FC3.5. But I'm okay with that; FC3 is awesome. Too bad the story is (apparently) crappy, again, at least all the reviews say so.

Weren't the healing animations essentially the same in FC2, by that logic making FC3 FC2.1 and FC4 FC2.2 or something silly like that?

No, actually there were far more healing animations in Far Cry 2. It even forced you to stop moving to look down at various limbs while you were performing "first aid" on yourself, instead of letting you run around looking straight ahead as if nothing was happening.

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This felt like a lesser man's 2001, with all the big ideas thrown out and replaced with hammy sentimentality. Basically it still has Spielberg's fingerprints all over it, I don't recognise it as a Nolan film much at all.

This film commits the grave crime of over-explaining everything, from the physics of space travel to the themes delivered through character monologue. I felt stupider having watched this.

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I am really liking the art direction, settings, and atmosphere the game creates though I find it lacking when it comes to graphics. A lot of muddled textures for a PC version. Hopefully we'll get a high res pack at some point in the future. The game could also use more graphics settings.

The textures are supposed to look "muddled". The game is meant to look like an oil painting, and it works in my opinion. Good change of pace from the super gritty realistic Battlefields and Cryses.

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I found kbm to be pretty much essential to chaining several powers and weapons together quickly and precisely. Playing this with a gamepad seems like playing a piano with boxing gloves to me.

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Interesting. I didn't even notice this. The world is quite novel, I was more distracted by other things.... like the woman wearing a mask that looks like a dead baby.

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I can't stand voiced protagonists in a first person game. The player is supposed to BE Corvo, not a person possessing Corvo's body but not in control of his voice. Talking protagonists in a first person just breaks the 4th wall for me.

Anyway if you used the heart at all you can't seriously complain the game has lazy writing.

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@Hailinel: Yeah, the worst offender being this forcefield that can appear under you WITHOUT WARNING which then locks you in place and a giant hand tentacle monster thingy squishes you reducing you down to 1% health. Much like how the "gravity" spells work in Final Fantasy games the attack can never outright kill you but it knocks that character down to 1% and instantly forces the other member of the team in. I've only rarely been able to avoid it.

Although there is little warning it is easy to avoid if you sidestep it. The first time I beat Unknown I sidestepped it and she was left extremely vulnerable. Overall not as cheap as Jinpachi or Azazel it's mostly just hard AI. Just cheese your favourite juggle combos and don't stand there like a berk. Still it is pretty tacky that this massive difficulty spike that is basically a relic of the Arcade days to get people to put more coins in still exists on the consoles.

For those who've only played TAG1 Unknown has her own moveset now instead of borrowing other characters', although it's still basically Jun.