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@mordukai said:

I am really liking the art direction, settings, and atmosphere the game creates though I find it lacking when it comes to graphics. A lot of muddled textures for a PC version. Hopefully we'll get a high res pack at some point in the future. The game could also use more graphics settings.

The textures are supposed to look "muddled". The game is meant to look like an oil painting, and it works in my opinion. Good change of pace from the super gritty realistic Battlefields and Cryses.

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I found kbm to be pretty much essential to chaining several powers and weapons together quickly and precisely. Playing this with a gamepad seems like playing a piano with boxing gloves to me.

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Interesting. I didn't even notice this. The world is quite novel, I was more distracted by other things.... like the woman wearing a mask that looks like a dead baby.

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I can't stand voiced protagonists in a first person game. The player is supposed to BE Corvo, not a person possessing Corvo's body but not in control of his voice. Talking protagonists in a first person just breaks the 4th wall for me.

Anyway if you used the heart at all you can't seriously complain the game has lazy writing.

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@Demoskinos said:

@Hailinel: Yeah, the worst offender being this forcefield that can appear under you WITHOUT WARNING which then locks you in place and a giant hand tentacle monster thingy squishes you reducing you down to 1% health. Much like how the "gravity" spells work in Final Fantasy games the attack can never outright kill you but it knocks that character down to 1% and instantly forces the other member of the team in. I've only rarely been able to avoid it.

Although there is little warning it is easy to avoid if you sidestep it. The first time I beat Unknown I sidestepped it and she was left extremely vulnerable. Overall not as cheap as Jinpachi or Azazel it's mostly just hard AI. Just cheese your favourite juggle combos and don't stand there like a berk. Still it is pretty tacky that this massive difficulty spike that is basically a relic of the Arcade days to get people to put more coins in still exists on the consoles.

For those who've only played TAG1 Unknown has her own moveset now instead of borrowing other characters', although it's still basically Jun.

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New BF3 ready rig but a I need a bigger monitor to move beyond x1080. The Dude abides.

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
@HitmanAgent47:  is it bad that im thinking of buying two of those, to lick (and eat) one and fuck the other?
Just remember to wear protection.
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My coin was inside the folded pamphlet. The coin could easily have dropped out somewhere, maybe even before it arrived to you. Was your pamphlet closed with tape?

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I have a habit of reading manuals while waiting for a game to install.

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I don't think it would be any less of a game if it did have fast travel, but exploring the locations is a large part of the fun. I never felt like I needed it on my first playthough though the novelty will probably wear off on subsequent playthoughs.

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