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I saw someone posted a link to the recent Illbleed Super Replay, which is great. Here's an older one where Dan plays through the entirety of the obscure "Tail of the Sun" with his GI coworker Andrew Reiner. Dan usually says it's his favorite Super Replay, and it's probably mine too. Watching the two stumble their way through this bizzaro-caveman simulation all the way to the end is absolutely hilarious and fascinating. I think it's worth your time if you're into watching people play video games.

(Note: I tried to embed the YouTube version of the playthrough, but it appears to have been taken down. I had to link to the video uploaded on the Game Informer site, and their video player is really bad, at least for me. Sorry.)

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How do the new guys feel about Nintendo?

Either one a fan of modern Nintendo?

Dan is a very, very big fan of modern Nintendo. He acknowledges some of the faults within the company, but loves a lot of the new games they put out. Super Mario 3D World was towards the top of his best games of 2013 list. Jason has more frequently been involved with behind-the-scenes type stuff at Game Informer, so I don't know his exact opinion.

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@sub_o said:

So the real question is, which one of them is real Anime editor?

Jason has often had something to say about various animes in stuff I've watched at Game Informer.

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I only have around 170 hours, but I plan on getting in a few more before Dark Souls 2 (and by a few more, I mean at least a hundred). While so many game developers try to extend the replay value of their games by putting in countless tasks to accomplish, DS manages to keep things fresh with nothing but extremely tight gameplay mechanics. It's amazing how after dozens upon dozens of hours, combat remains fun on a case to case basis.

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I played 1, and it was fine. A fun game, and not too long. 2 is amazing. I put well over 50 hours into that game and wasn't bored once. It has a lot to do, and there are some callbacks story-wise to the first game, so there is some reason to play them in order. I haven't purchased 3 yet, but I have played it at friend's houses and it seems that it is extremely more polished (and ridiculous) than the first 2.

I got the first one because it was dirt cheap (10 bucks at my local Game Stop), and 2 was more expensive, but totally worth the time and money. I plan on buying 3 soon since I love the first 2 so much. So, basically, to answer your question, yes.

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Sounds cool.

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Holy fuck - another one? When will Microsoft just settle for one solid design? The first two dashboards worked fine, but I honestly hate the newest one (other than the Quickplay feature). Hint: Make video gaming the main focus of the dashboard. If I want to watch a movie, listen to music, or go on facebook, I'll most likely use my computer. These are nice features, but making them more prominent than my game collection and the game marketplace is ridiculous.

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With all the games on my wish list lately, I still haven't had a chance to play this. It looks fantastic, though.

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As much as I loved this game, I just couldn't picture it being incredibly successful a long time after launch. I may be in the minority, but I was expecting this to happen sooner or later. However, this will give everyone a chance to try it and play through one of the fantastic storylines in the game, so this isn't all bad.

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I'm incredibly excited to play this. From what I've watched on YouTube, and what I've read around the internet, this seems to be one of the most immersive zombie games ever. It also looks like a hell of a lot of fun, too. Glad I don't have to buy Arma II just to try it out.

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