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I stopped paying for Xbox Live back in 2008 or 2009. Never paid for PS+ and I stopped playing on my PS3 before PS+ "got good" anyway. I built a gaming PC and I just kind of never looked back. I'm a PC person now. I will probably get a PS4 sometime though to play Uncharted.

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My username is more or less the same username I use everywhere else. It's a deliberate misspelling of my name that I made up when I was in about 5th grade...? I don't remember exactly when I created it, but I know I made it because it's always available anywhere I go. Too lazy to change it now.

My avatar is me. Fairly succinct, but a 100% accurate description. It'll change when I take a new photo of myself that I like, but I will usually always use a photo of myself.

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I have been going through a very similar thing for a while now. I haven't had the time nor the unyielding desire to play video games like I used to. I remember these incredibly long sessions, either alone or with friends. But now, it's like I just don't find myself using my free time the same way. I also don't have as much free time with my full-time job and juggling other life responsibilities. That being said, this weekend I have Friday and Saturday off, so I'm going to use that time to play some games and relax. Finally. Should be fun.

However, I'm sure it's just a phase we all find ourselves in from time to time. Sooner or later, there will be some more stability in my life and I think that's when I'll be able to finally come back and attack my enormous backlog. For now, casual sessions are fine with me.

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They need to force a lower turn limit. Fuck what Dan says. I love the guy, but 50 turns is too much for everyone involved except him. I'd be down for 50 turns, sure. But since the people who are actually there, don't, it doesn't make sense to keep doing it. The gimmick of them having to sit through 50 turns is over. The crew (besides Dan) just seethe pure hatred now rather than keeping it tucked away.

Other than that, the feature is great.

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One day I want to replay all of the Mass Effects and that's when I plan to get all the major DLC for Mass Effect 3. I only had From Ashes during my playthrough. It was pretty great, but I hear Leviathan and that last one that's basically fan fiction are pretty excellent too.

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My brother formatted the Wii's save data while I was in the process of completing Super Mario Galaxy and had unlocked everything in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

He didn't know what format meant.

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I am totally going to watch it. I have a great spot I go to for these things and I'll spend the day there with my parents who also like boxing. I don't think we'd pay for it directly though. Pay-per-view prices are getting crazy ridiculous now.

As far as the actual fight goes, I am definitely interested, but not necessarily excited. I would have been ecstatic 5-6 years ago when they were both on such a crazy level of popularity, skill level, and physical condition. Now it's lost a little bit of luster, but it should still be a great match. My heart is going for Pacquiao, but logic tells me Mayweather will win by decision.

As long as Pacquiao gives him a hell of a fight and tests Mayweather, I'll be ok with a decision win. Just make Mayweather dig deep and work for that win. Of course, if Pacquiao wins, he'll pull off quite the upset. And if Pacquaio wins by knockout, it'll be a monumental moment akin to Pacquiao's own knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez back in 2012. Actually, I'd say it would be even more shocking considering Mayweather prides himself on being a defensive mastermind that rarely gets hit flush.

Anyway, the fight should be interesting.

@polekat: Yes, Pacquiao is still a politician. He's a congressman in the Philippines and could probably be president one day if he wants to be. Pacquiao is extremely popular in his home country.

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I think you should go through with it. If something happens again, then Oh well. You gave it a shot, at least. You'll just go back home again if that happens and figure out what to do next. If you nail it, then you're all set!

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I don't think that's a dick move. You found a better job opportunity and you want to go for it. Yes, this person did you an awesome favor, but this other side is offering you a more awesome job from the sound of it. Sucks that you forgot about the two weeks notice thing though, but it's ok. As long as you remember to take that into account the next time this happens, you should be fine. And try to relay how you feel to the night manager person should you get this other job. Be as genuine as possible. If he's really as nice as you say he is, he'll probably understand your situation and realize you truly appreciate what he did for you.

But as others have said, don't quit your current job until you have a verbal and written agreement and everything else at your possible new job. Otherwise, you might find yourself without anything in the end. A truly terrible situation.

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Goodness me, I went back to an old forum I used to frequent 10(!) years ago. Fuck me. I was an obnoxiously lecherous teenager.

Dark days, my friends.

I'm still friends with a lady I met there though. So, it's not a total loss. But my, have we grown up.