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Probably not too long now. This generation of Nvidia cards is an intermediary one. Small gains, increased efficiency and same architecture. Actual brand new designs will probably come later next year.

If you can wait a while longer you can check to see how AMD responds and how prices are adjusted to make room for the new 980 and 970.

Some cards are going to drop in price so what used to be out of your price range might actually be in your price range very soon.

I'm down with that. I'll just wait some more for the newer stuff. I have a 570 right now that chugs along quite well playing stuff at 1080p. Another year is fine by me.

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I don't think I've ever been put off of a game because the presentation is awful.

Me neither.

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Since we're all here already, I just want to ask: About how long until the inevitable 960 comes out? I usually only spend about $250 on a graphics card.

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By Rockstar or the Sleeping Dogs team.

I would say Rockstar, but I feel like the Sleeping Dogs team has the rain and wet pavement tech ON LOCK for something like this.

Would happily play something like "Blade Runner Gaiden" by Union Front Games.

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At my old job as a cashier for a grocery store, it was mandated that we all take 2 15-min breaks and 1 lunch though it really depended on how long your shift was. I always hated taking breaks because I felt like they ruined me as I got into my flow of checking items (Items per Minute (IPMs) were not unlike APMs in an RTS game. Higher is better). Lunch was only given for a 6+ hour shift, so sometimes I didn't get one.

I miss that job. More so the people, but the job wasn't so bad considering the horror stories I read online about working in a grocery store.

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Nothing really. I just had access to it one day while going to our local library. We hadn't been in a while, but they had kiosks going. I hopped on and still remember going to and as my first two websites. This was around 1999-early 2000. Soon after, we got AOL.

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First off, holy shit. That sounds pretty bad. Hope everything goes well for you.

But to answer your question: I'd listen to podcasts and audiobooks. Things I do now. As far as the long term, I don't know. I suppose I'd try to "watch" Let's Plays and movies, etc. to the best of my ability.

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I was in 6th grade and I was getting ready for school and then saw it happen on TV. Most of the classes that day were about dealing with tragedy and shit like that. Big discussions. I knew the severity of what was going on and realized it was terrible, but all I thought about was how it would affect my father who was in the US Army. And then we all know what happened eventually.

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This actually makes me real sad to think most people have been using the white site this whole time.

Black site is the RIGHT site.