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@johannes: Um. I'll take it if you still have it.

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Just got this game in a bundle earlier today. Really just wanted Guacamelee for cheap and this came along for the ride. It came in a 4 pack too, so I gave it to my main crew of Steam friends and we downloaded it without knowing a lick about it. Come to find out, it's the most Halo-ass Halo game I've ever played without actually being a Halo game proper.

I haven't played with a controller yet, but it does have full controller support. Curious if it "feels" like Halo on a controller. Apparently it was an Xbox Indie game before, but I left the 360 a long time ago, so I wouldn't have heard of it. Not to mention the fact that no one I know ever talked much about Xbox Indie games anyway. I feel like @drewbert should think about checking it out on Unprofessional Friday some time since he's the resident Halo person. I'm curious about what he'd think of it. Regardless, the game is definitely fun.

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Fist bump for all my rad bros who were on Team Open Mouth Not A Tongue with me.

*fist bump*

Tongue? Really, guys?

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She looks like a girl that I would see at the gym. It all looks pretty functional more than "skimpy" to me.

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The first game I bought on the Steam store proper was Left 4 Dead.

The very first Steam game I ever bought was Half-Life 1 Anthology.

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I read your post, I respect your opinion, and I disagree with almost everything you wrote.

That said, I think we'll both have to wait and see what happens when Silent Hills finally comes out. I don't know if I'd be wrong in saying we're both looking forward to it (for different reasons).

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This is actually the first I've heard of it, so I guess I've come out of my rock.

I am intrigued by what it's "supposed" to be, but unsure if I'd ever take the plunge myself. I'd be interested in reading your thoughts about it after you've had some time with it. Seems like that'd be fun.

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I think I've made 0 friends as well in terms of people I actually hang out with from time to time. I have made a couple of "internet friends" whom I chat with. That's about it.

Many of the friends I make outside of my "digital life" happen to share my love of gaming though, so it works out. I'll usually end up playing games with them the most since we hang out more often.

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Yes, I do.

I don't really get it down my spine or anything, but my scalp/back of my head tingles like crazy. Very relaxing. I'll usually watch a video to help me go to sleep. Once I found out about it a couple of years ago, I realized this is one of the reasons I liked watching Bob Ross as a kid. It gave me the relaxing feeling most of the time watching him paint and serenely speak about it.