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I was in 6th grade and I was getting ready for school and then saw it happen on TV. Most of the classes that day were about dealing with tragedy and shit like that. Big discussions. I knew the severity of what was going on and realized it was terrible, but all I thought about was how it would affect my father who was in the US Army. And then we all know what happened eventually.

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This actually makes me real sad to think most people have been using the white site this whole time.

Black site is the RIGHT site.

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This video of him playing League of Legends is pretty amazing.

Oh my goodness. Dan Ryckert. What a wonderful human being.

Some of the stuff he was doing though was almost ridiculously apparent that it was the wrong thing to do which made this pretty funny. It would have been cool if they had a segment where he watched over the match with them at the end and have them explain what he should have done in certain situations. I feel that would stick more than the tutorial. I also find it kind of ironic that he has this immense belief that surrender/retreat is wrong, yet gives up trying to learn this game as soon as it's over. I share this (annoying at times) trait of relentlessness, but it carries through to everything. I'd research and consult with others and try over and over until I start getting it.

But then again, this is "Dirty" Dan Ryckert we're talking about. And I kind of want him to try Dota 2 with Brad watching over him along with 2 other members in the office that know Dota. Just to see how that goes.

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Be a completely different game? What is this topic even?

The OP and some of the people replying have actually brought up some interesting points.

But in the end, I still come back to this.

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Very well done. A couple suggestions though to give this a legitimate shot and I think would give it that last bit of flavor that really sells it.

  • As many have noted, it's a mouth not a tongue so the best way to achieve that is to add a black rim and push it back into the face while maintaining the same basic 2D proportions (I hope that makes sense).
  • While the bursts are well done, they dissipate too quickly. There needs to be debris still flying behind him throughout. Not as much as the two explosions but still have a fair portion of junk traveling behind him.
  • The eyeballs on the first burst/explosion I think would benefit from having him stare at the screen. It makes him more alive rather than having static eyes and there are plenty of examples of him staring at the screen. When he shifts over have his big eye blink again but then resets to the spot it's currently at in this video. Keep the second half as is because that would help differentiate it as a Quick Look splash screen rather than just a Giant Bomb splash screen. On the first splash it lets you know it's Giant Bomb and the second splash he's looking at the phrase 'quick look'. I think eye movement, even when jumping from static spot at the screen to static spot looking up, really sells the entire thing and him as a living bomb.
  • Think about adding the phoenix/hawk/eagle(?) pattern currently used as the background and adjusting towards the turquoise (or is it teal?) color. And to clarify I am referring to the background, not the bird silhouette, just the god rays coming from behind it.

I think those tweaks would truly put it over the top that would greatly benefit your work. Just some friendly tips.

I agree with all these points. Still think it's pretty cool as is.

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Jason is doing a great job but I would love to see them give him a series or some chance to be on camera.

Maybe he doesn't want to though. People need to realize that.

Anyways as a fan I would like to hear more from him. Even jumping into videos. He has been helpful and funny when he rarely has.

Yep. Basically what I have been thinking since he joined up with the crew. Maybe he just isn't about that life. I wouldn't mind him chiming in more often if he feels he can help the crew with whatever they're trying to do. Especially after they've already juiced the comedy/madness out of a situation. "Like ok, guys, we're good. Let's just keep this train moving. I got you guys."

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You should max all the crafters (Blacksmith, Jeweler, Mystic). It's pretty cheap to do so in the grand scheme of things and they are insanely useful. Blacksmith is actually the least useful of the bunch as you won't really use him for anything but smashing stuff once you hit 70 but it really helps with levelling an alt character because you can always just make level appropriate gear if you aren't getting any for a slot.

Exactly. When, or should I say if, you start a new character, the blacksmith will be leveled up to the point where you should be able to make level-appropriate gear for them that will be more or less as good as what you'll come across. Eventually, you'll start finding better and better stuff in the wild than you can make, but by then the blacksmith will have served his purpose. Even then, there are some pretty cool legendary plans you can find that let him make pretty cool legendary items (like Reaper's Wraps).

The jeweler and the mystic are both a lot more useful in the long run, so definitely get them up as quickly as you can.

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Anything involving dota.

PowerBombcast, 8-4 and F1 are the only things I consistently do not watch

Worth Reading/Watching - Just have never cared for the structure or content in these

These fine people have summed up my response.

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Is there anywhere left to go after this?

Fuck I hope not, because I'm about to buy in.

This isn't even its final form.

I haven't bought a 3DS and I'm thinking the exact same thing. The 3DS is the friggin Goku of systems. "What do you mean there's yet ANOTHER form of Super Saiyan?! I just got this one!"