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I don't really lift, but I've been getting back into better shape for the past 3 months. I've lost about 35 pounds, so far. I started out weighing 183 lbs (biggest I've ever been) and I'm sitting at 148 lbs now.

I'm mainly trying to focus on losing all this fat. I do about 100 min on my stationary bike machine, 6 days a week and recently added about 20 min of jump rope every now and then. I have shitty flat feet (and no health insurance for now, one day I'll get em checked out), but I still want to incorporate running off and on during the week too. I'm thinking it's mostly form problems though that leads to painful feet/shin splints.

As far as weight training, I do shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, chest, and legs in that order throughout the week. I don't lift crazy heavy, so I'm probably not getting "gains" like the bros, but I'm just glad I'm lifting a lot heavier than when I started. For example, I used to struggle to bench 80 lbs, but now I bench 125 lbs regularly.

I've also been dieting. I realized that all this time in the gym is great, but the diet is what really gets you. I'm not on anything specific, but I try to eat healthier things and count calories with MyFitnessPal. I try and stay within a reasonable amount every day. Maybe I'm doing everything wrong, but it's been working out (pun intended) pretty well so far.

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I tried 1 vs. 1 for glory. got an error code. Tried it again. Got an error code.

Tried 4 player for fun. Worked. Extremely laggy. Facepalmed pretty hard.

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This game, just in my opinion, should be getting much lower score for this lack of polish. Other games get bashed for laggy online play. I assume it's because that smash has mostly been a LAN game so most people don't mind it, I one the other hand find that there is a big part of this game that is just unplayable.

Very much agree with this. It's a feature of the game that doesn't work well. Should not get a pass because it's smash bros.

I don't have it and haven't played it, but my friends have and say the same thing about the net code. I feel Nintendo already got a pass with Brawl on the Wii which was very much their first shot at online anything. By now, if they're going to include such a feature, they really need to put their heads in the game and do it right. Or don't include it at all (like they do with many of their other titles).

Still very much looking forward to the couch play that will ensue with the WiiU version. I just wish I could look forward to an amazing online experience as well.

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I'd say it happens frequently. The most unified laughter I've experienced in theaters was for Superbad. More recently, 22 Jump Street had a couple moments like that, as well.

Same. It happened to me with 21 Jump Street and This Is The End as well.

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I've been reading The Spheres of Heaven by Charles Sheffield. Really digging it. I started this book way back in 2005 when I was forced to pick a book to read for English class (any book) and picked it up randomly. Both the "gotta round up a crew" and "chubby guy in the friend zone" story lines set in crazy sci-fi land captured my interest especially at that age (ooph). Returned it to the library and moved away and only recently decided to finish what I started, so I ordered it off Amazon. I read The Mind Pool (the prequel) earlier this year also since I concluded I should read the prequel before continuing the story.

Anyway, once I'm done with Spheres, I'll probably read Neuromancer by William Gibson as I've never read it before. I've got Trek to Kraggen-Cor by Dennis L. McKiernan lined up after that. Don't know much about that one as I just picked it up for .50 at a nearby thrift shop. I'm just trying to read more. I don't know why, I just feel I'm lacking in that department. Before The Mind Pool, I hadn't read a book in about 5 years.

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I'm just amazed at how becoming a member of Giant Bomb comes with all these free benefits like mini travel agents. Next time I plan on going anywhere, I'm asking the community for advice.

Anyway, have fun in Thailand and Vietnam!

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Based on what they said on the Bombcast... they visited Barkerville, didn't they? The one in California. Not the one in Ontario or whatever.

I believe this is the most logical conclusion. I figured it was something related to that when they first "mentioned" this "project".

It makes sense, I just wonder how they could make the project/video that funny based on them just going to visit a historic mining town that happens to share a name with a song about a town where childhood Brad thought werewolves lived in Castlevania. We'll have to see.

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@bisonhero: They got really drunk?...

Or messing with town actors to break character if there are actors. I feel like there would have to be.

If there is one thing the history of Giant Bomb has taught us, it's that the crew will not be contained. The crew breaks free, it expands to new territories and crashes through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously, but, uh... well, there it is.

I'm simply saying that Giant Bomb, uh... finds a way.

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Based on what they said on the Bombcast... they visited Barkerville, didn't they? The one in California. Not the one in Ontario or whatever.

I believe this is the most logical conclusion. I figured it was something related to that when they first "mentioned" this "project".

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Been a fan since the GameSpot days. GameSpot and 1UP were my haunts for video game coverage way back in 2004-2005 when we finally got broadband internet. That whole shit went down and I followed what Jeff was up to while checking in with the GameSpot stuff until most of the main crew left out of respect (I assume). Arrow Pointing Down soon came out and then when this site started up, I came over here right away. Been here ever since.

On a side note, poor 1UP never really came back after their glory days. I'd argue CGW/GFW Radio still reigns supreme over every gaming podcast before or since, The 1UP Show was ahead of its time, and the cast of characters at 1UP was pretty talented. After the gutting, the replacements that came up never as good. Co-Op was pretty cool while it lasted, Weekend Confirmed never really felt the same, and everyone eventually split up toward different things, so I just kind of forgot about them all about 3 years ago.

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Playing it on PC, so I picked the next-gen option.

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