Cool little Easter egg.

I was just playing Gemini Rue and managed to stumble upon this cool little Easter egg:

I believe that it's Ed and that dog whose name I forget from Cowboy Bebop -- pretty awesome stuff. 

Feeling really insecure >.<

Seriously, Duders! Young Guns is a good movie, right? Apparently people hate this movie, which is a complete shock to me. You're my only hope Giantbomb, you guys love Young Guns, right? 


Testing my camera!

   Unfortunately I have to keep a majority of my games in this draw, no frackin' room!    


My PC and most of my PC games.           
My supa-awesome TV, some more PC games and Megadrive games.      

My pet rats, the one on the left is Shalashaska and the other is Zachary.      

Cricket, woo!

Okay, this may seem weird, but I've suddenly developed an interest to follow the cricket season this year. I used to follow it religiously a few years ago but stopped abruptly for some unknown reason. So I was wandering if any fellow Australians (or New Zealanders) could possibly update me on anything major that has happen recently in the world of cricket, I want to be suitably prepared for this season. Any information would be greatly appreciated^^


A thread.......About video games? No. About TV^^

Just wanted to create a list of my favourite characters from their respective television programme (I'm excluding animated shows, otherwise this list will go on for ever). 

  • The Wire- Surprisingly, this is easy. It's quite clearly Omar.  Seen?- All 5 seasons.
  • Seinfeld- George Costanza. All the characters in Seinfeld are great but George stands out as the most unfortunately funny character, without resorting to physical humour (Kramer).- Seen?- All nine seasons.
  • The Shield- I'm gonna go with Dutch. Easily the most relate-able character, he doesn't need to yell and clearly demonstrate his "manliness" every three seconds, that helps. -Seen?- Seasons 1, 2, 6.
  • Dexter- Dexter of course, all for good reason to, he is clearly the most entertaining. I'm really at the point where I only want Dexter in Dexter, every other character is super annoying, excluding John Lithgow. - Seen?- Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • House- Again, House is easily the best character. The misanthropic doctor is the only reason I've watched the series for so long. Close second for Wilson though - Seen?- Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • Heroes- Before heroes went to crap (somewhere during the third season) it actually was a very entertaining series. My favourite character easily being Sylar. Dood totally killing other doods and being bad-ass while doing it. - Seen?- All of it, unfortunately.
  • Battlestar Galactica- This is a surprisingly difficult choice, but I'm going to elect.......The Cyclons. That may be cheating, but my favourite part of Battlestar Galactica was any part that involved robots killing doods. To bad they began making the machines lame in the later seasons :I - Seen?- Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.   
  • Firefly- Nathan Fillion's character. I feel bad for not remembering musch about this series, except for the fact that it is awesome! - Seen?- All of it.
  • Deadwood- C'mon, we all know it's that cocksucker Al Swearegen. Is he a bad or good person? It's truly hard to tell, and that's why Deadwood is super awesome! - Seen?- All 3 seasons.
  • Arrested Development- Gob. I couldn't imagine Arrested Development without him. While all the characters compliment each other really well, Gob easily stands out. - Seen?- All 3 Seasons.
  • Scrubs- Dr. Cox. The reason for my decision might be a bit odd, but here I go anyway; my favourite aspect about Scrubs is clearly the humour, which miraculously is constantly funny (minus the last 2 seasons), but my favourite episodes are the episodes that sting emotionally, and this is largely due to Dr. Cox's character, who seems genuinely distressed when bad stuff happens. - Seen?- All of it minus the last season.
  • Supernatural- Again, I'm going to cheat and nominate the concept for the show as my favourite character. I'm not the biggest fan of Supernatural, but the idea of heaven and hell fighting (without Keanu Reeves surprisingly bad-acting) is definitely interesting, they could've made the Horseman a bit more bad-ass though >:I   -Seen?- All of the current seasons.
  • Extras- Easily Andy Milman, but for guest star I'll nominate Patrick Stewart. This man is something close to godly. -Seen? All 3 Seasons.
Well that's it for now, I've clearly left out a few, and I'll get around to adding them later on ;)

The most exciting revelation at E3!

Personally for me the most exciting thing that occurred at E3 was the Metal Gear Rising trailer. It's fair to say that i was incredibly pessimistic about a new Metal Gear Solid game with Raiden as the main protagonist and the general lack of "Snake-ness."  Also the new action orientated theme that was attached to the game, but after watching the trailer I at least know that the "dynamic cutting/slicing," will entertain me for way longer than it should. It's not much, but its enough to get me excited about the game. 
Considering that this is a Metal Gear game I hope that the final product will at least  keep some of the series long running staples such as; eccentric bosses, lots of lengthy cut scenes and/or codec conversations, an absolutely crazy plot and a crazy sense of humour.  
So to summarize, I'm pretty excited about Rising. Plus Raiden's not that annoying.......right?....right? :I