Games I have finished!

I have also decided to add my own review score, for funzies ;)

Any game that has been finished by ROM-Emulation will be marked: *ROM.

(out of 5 BTW)

ConsoleNo# of games finished.
PS1 3
PS2 34
PS3 22
DS 8
N64 1
GC 3
Wii 6
X360 96
MegaDrive 1
PC 96

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Posted by Ignor

I have a confession to make: I actually prefer DKC3 to DKC2.
I think it's because the game seemed less dark. That, and I used to play the GB version excessively.

Edited by mylifeforAiur
@Ignor:   I appreciate your honesty. I kinda like the darker tone of DKC2, not that DKC3 is a bad game, but Baby Kong (I think that's his name) totally ruined the game for me. Still, more Dixie Kong is never a bad thing. Thanks for the recommendation by the way^^ 
Posted by Ignor
@mylifeforAiur: Yeah, I'd never call DKC2 a bad game, far from it. 
And DKC3 had some "dark" elements on its own (the bosses, the giant saw level, etc).
Posted by ShockD

That's some fat list. Especially when compared to mine...

Posted by mylifeforAiur

@antikorper: Thanks! As you can probably tell, I have way too much free time.