My Geometry Wars Problem

 That's my brain exploding after finding out I have to score over 40,000,000 on Pacifism to feed my obsession.

So I met these great guys down at PAX while at the G4 party. Definitely the highlight of the weekend. 
Of course after we got to know each other and suss out that we weren't all complete assholes we traded Gamertags. I hadn't gotten around to adding anyone since getting back from PAX, but noticed a friend request from one of them who ended up knocking me off one of my Geometry Wars 2 leaderboards. And I just couldn't have that. 
I know I have a problem, because I spent the entire night beating his high score. 19,000,000 in Pacifism. I retired to bed a content man. 
Until the next morning when I added the rest of the guys and quickly dropped to top of only 2 leaderboards. 40,000,000 is now the score to beat and god-damn it I'm goign to do it. 
Who knew a few geometric shapes could instill so much competition in a person?    

Halo Pron

I wanted to weigh in on the whole Halo Porn thing getting players hit heavily over the head with the old Bungie Ban Hammer for saving images/videos that could somehow be deemed pornographic. If by pornographic you mean something that an 8 year old might draw in class.

Aside from the ridiculous double standard that is our North American problem with sexual content vs. violent content there's another point I'd like to make.

Halo 3 is M rated!


"Contains content that is considered unsuitable for teenagers and others under the age of 17. Titles in this category may contain intense violence such as blood and gore, sexual references and/or strong language." 

So, the game itself is already rated to contain the possibility of "sexual references". I mean, have you LOOKED at Cortana in this one? 
So come on Bungie, lighten up. If this is another case of Microsoft "family-ing" up the console it's ill-aimed.

And parents, don't let your kids play M-Rated games. I'm sick of getting my ass handed to me in team doubles by two kids who's combined ages don't even come to close to mine.

Take that Advertising!

The evidence of my deceit.

All billboards smashed. Quite an achievement, but is it really? 

I used a guide to find the las one. But I was on the way to find that billboard, got lost and wound up coming upon it by accident. And what a glorious accident that was. It felt really good. But in the back of my head I have this nagging feeling that I cheated.

Now you may ask, what the @&%$ are you talking about? You've used maps before to get achievements. And that's true, I did attempt to use maps to find agility orbs in crackdown and even used guides to find the skulls in halo. But for some reason this one feels wrong to have gone that route (no pun intended).

I think it's because I had no hope in hell of finding those skulls in halo and I was just too damned fed up with those agility orbs. I gave up too easily on this one, and although it feels great to have gotten them, it would have been better if I hadn't opened that damned map.

When did Pleasure become a bad word?

PleasureSponge is dead! Long live PleasureSponge!
So I just got word that my good friend on XBL just had his gamer tag banned.
Apparently PleasureSponge has been deemed offensive. Funny since he's held the name since launch. Actually, he tossed it a couple time only to return to it again and again. So why the hatin' Microsoft? There's a perfectly innocent story to go along with it, and even if there wasn't there's nothing inappropriate about it what-so-ever. 

What I particularly don't like is that there's no recourse. No number you can call, no email you can send. Nobody you can talk to. Nothing. 

I'm afraid that arbitrary decisions are being made on gamer tags and that I might be next. 

Leave MyMANWICH alone Microsoft!



Just hit 17,002 gamerscore. Thank you portal.

Proving that games don't have to be easy to be fun.
I can't believe how much fun playing the advanced maps on Portal over a year later was. I love that feeling you get when you're completely snookered and want to reach out to a strategy guide for help but just push on. Then a few minutes later it comes to you: ohhhhh, i get it, THAT's what I have to do. Then of course you die about 30 times before you get it quite right, but that's all part of the game right?

It reminds me more of classic gaming where it was a shear test of will and determination to get through a level that you kept dying and dying on. Sometime I think that games today are too easy. No wonder they take between 15-20 hours when your shields regenerate and bullets bounce of you like mosquitos.

Why back in my day...

I'm no longer flirtin' with disaster

God damn that was hard
I actually did it last night. I completed Molly Hatchet's Flirting with Disaster and god was it satisfying. So much so that I felt a little light headed afterwards and had to lay down.

Which brings me to the fact that I realize how much better I like Rock Band than Guitar Hero. It strips away all the cartoonishness for shear music delight. 

That leaves only one. May god have mercy on my soul.

Advanced Portal

Still alive after all this time
It's been a long time since I threw the old Portal in the drive, and I'm happy to say that it's still as fresh as the first day I played it.

I've gone through 4 of the advanced levels now. There's such a great feeling of accomplishment that comes from completing them. It's a rush each time I get through another section in each stage. 

These guys really knew what they were doing and I can't wait for Still Alive to be released on XBLA this year. 

Got my Grade 3 mom and dad!

Hey baby, where have you been all my life?
Finally, I hit 300 exp on Halo 3 MP (thanks to a couple sweet team doubles wins... thanks Sponge) and hit my Grade 3 Captain. It was a long time coming.

I'd like to thank god, the academy and everyone who didn't see that sword lunge coming. 

Now a better class of a**holes can call me a n00b.

Rock Band isn't kicking my ass... much

Rock band rocks
After what's felt like weeks, I finally completed "Highway Star" by Deep Purple on expert guitar tour last night. I'll admit I jumped up, pointed at the screen and did the snoopy dance.

And then, surprisingly I got through Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills" after only a few attempts.

That just leaves the Molly Hatchet song and, of course, "Green Grass and High Tides".

I am determined to get through this thing on Expert if it kills me. Or leave my wrists paralyzed for life.