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This is fantastic, and such a great implementation for a v1.0 product. I'm very impressed with what's been achieved already. And knowing you guys, it's only going to evolve into something better. My only problem is that I got absolutely no work done on Friday and have to scramble on Monday to meet my deadline. :)

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 That's my brain exploding after finding out I have to score over 40,000,000 on Pacifism to feed my obsession.

So I met these great guys down at PAX while at the G4 party. Definitely the highlight of the weekend. 
Of course after we got to know each other and suss out that we weren't all complete assholes we traded Gamertags. I hadn't gotten around to adding anyone since getting back from PAX, but noticed a friend request from one of them who ended up knocking me off one of my Geometry Wars 2 leaderboards. And I just couldn't have that. 
I know I have a problem, because I spent the entire night beating his high score. 19,000,000 in Pacifism. I retired to bed a content man. 
Until the next morning when I added the rest of the guys and quickly dropped to top of only 2 leaderboards. 40,000,000 is now the score to beat and god-damn it I'm goign to do it. 
Who knew a few geometric shapes could instill so much competition in a person?    
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Oh man. Thanks Dodongo. I knew whatever the answer was it would make me feel like an idiot. :) 

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Just how big and how fun can a piano really be?

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Right on Spleeny.

My Amiga 1000 will forever be my gateway drug for real gaming and computing. 

By far my favourite game will always be Blood Money even though I never managed to finish it, but Dungeon Master was pretty awesome. Big fan of the Bard's Tale as well. I'm busy trying to update Amiga game pages here so everyone will know how great and robust a system it was.
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I can not for the life of me beat the boss on level four. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.