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Happy I decided to wait to play this since I figured it would come to the PS4.

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I like both wrestling and anime. probably been watching wrestling longer, but both of them have been part of my life for 15+ years.

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be so horrible in prison that they have to keep me in permanent solitary confinement and live those 20 years in peace.

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Dropped out of three different colleges, been single all my life, lived with my parents all my live...but then I graduated from a tech school at the end of 2012, got a full time job, moved out, got a 15% raise, and am now looking into buying a house within that short time. Small amounts of current success doesn't make up for mostly failure, but i'm at least on the good end of it at the moment.

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I actually visited the site a few weeks ago to see if it was still going. Guess I could have just waited a little bit longer to get my answer.

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Just saw that divas match with Paige vs Emma and holy shit. Wish I'd see that more instead of the crappy divas crap they currently have on Raw/Smackdown.

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All kind of depends on what I get in the end. If it unlocks concept art I could care less. If it unlocks something or fills something in for the game then I may go and look for them. Then again I went and collected everything in Saints Row the Third and IV, so it also depends how into the game I am.

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Actually had to go to youtube to hear the original versio cause for all these years I've only known Jeff's version haha

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I've been wearing my GiantBomb hoodie to work on casual days with it being as cold as it is, so yea I don't have a problem with it.

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@dazzhardy: From their faq as well. Not live, but still shown. Probably a contractual thing with the networks that they can't air it live on the network.

10. Will encores of Raw, SmackDown and Main Event be on WWE Network?

Yes, encores of these programs will be available on WWE Network.

And yes, I'll be signing up for this. Never seen a PPV cause I didn't want to spend the money for one so this is an incredible deal. And with the fact that there are more people like me that think the same way it'll probably end up making them more money then if they didn't include the PPVs, which would make the deal less enticing.