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I'm probably the only one, but that Cena vs Lesnar match was boring as hell. I'd rather have just seen the match start, Lesnar F5's Cena, match over in less than 30 seconds, then just seeing Lesnar suplex Cena over and over and over again.

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I own both, but I still prefer the Xbox controller for shooters over the Playstation controller, so I'm getting it for the One.

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I remember the first time I played it cause some friends said I should, and found it absolutely boring. Tried a different character at one of the friends house and decided to start playing and got hooked. Started during WotLK and quit before the final raid in Cataclysm, but I had 4 max level characters (two of which were geared for raiding) was running dungeons for rare mount drops and soloing old raids just for silly achievements. It's a dark fall if you get into it. Even after I quit I still wanted to go back and eventually did last Christmas to get to level 90 with my main before stopping again. And now Dan is doing those videos and that itch is there again.

Do yourself a favor and stop now before it sucks you in and doesn't want to let go.

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Shouldn't have read this at work, hard to explain the tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing this with us, Patrick.

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Neither. Enjoy the food for what it is and not destroy it with disgusting condiments.

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You may be gone, but we will never forget you Ryan. Miss you duder.


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I have a hard time sleeping if I haven't taken a shower before going to bed, so I always take a shower at night.

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West Bend, Wisconsin, United States

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I laughed so hard at this quick look, especially the moment where the saw how a "pro" flies.

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I haven't been able to get anywhere with it. Site says it is either down for maintenance or I'm able to log in and try to select a game and it immediately effs up and doesn't even say I'm logged in.