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  • Mercenaries - Thought it was alright, but didn't get too far in it
  • The Suffering - I remember playing the demo along time ago and the game was just as great as I remembered the demo
  • Outlaw Volleyball - It's a good playing volleyball game
  • Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 - Bad game
  • Stranglehold - Pretty good
  • Deathrow - Another game I remember playing the demo when i was younger and it is still awesome. I hate the action camera though, so those special stages suck.
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I hope the Anonymous GM is just a one week thing like Bryan's was. The Big Show turn was boring the second it happened, but I hope it does good for Rowan because I'm starting to enjoy his weird character. Other than that at least they didn't drop the ball as much as I thought they were.

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Well Erick Rowan is an intriguing addition to Team Cena, but with opposite momentum and the stipulation for the match the Authority is still guaranteed to win.

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Well I have Far Cry 4, Dragon Age Inquisition, GTA V and WWE 2K15 coming tomorrow with Smash on Friday so I have more choices. I'll probably start with GTA V, but then again I'm not worried since I took next week off :)

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So will there be a heel turn or just interference that causes the Authority to win at Survivor Series? Because that match has already been guaranteed to be won by the Authority with the new stipulation.

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Another non-finish to a main event match on a PPV and the WWE wonders why they are having a hard time getting subscribers for their network.

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I played some Horizon 2 and Shadow of Mordor although not a lot of either. I still play Minecraft every so often and try to get a little bit of Tomodachi Life in each day. With the list of games still coming out I'm hoping one of them grabs me so I can play it for some good time (Bayonetta 2 is up next), but I don't know if any of them will match the 30+ hours that I put into Destiny even though I do find it disappointing. Then again Persona Q is coming near the end of November and I'm sure to play that for a long time.

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My first job was when I was 20 and was folding medical garments at some local small town company. Worked their two weeks before quitting because my back was getting so sore because of the short tables that we had to work on while standing.

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Sounds more interesting than the rest of the game, but I don't even know 5 other people that are playing destiny, let alone have 5 friends on Xbox Live. Oh well, guess Destiny wasn't a game for me.