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Been struggling a lot recently, so hearing about Roddy Piper's death a day before my birthday is not fucking helping. And not that soon after Dusty passed. Fuck you world.

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I didn't have too many issues with the actual upgrade process except once it was done my screen went black. Just manually shut down and restarted and it fixed it. Been running fine since. Also been enjoying it from the little bit that I spent with it. Cortana is neat, the Xbox App is cool, and as a web developer Edge is finally the browser that Microsoft should have released ages ago.

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It's funny listening to the announcers try and sell Lesnar "dropping" the steps on Kane when it's easy to see that it doesn't even touch him.

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Absolutely heartbreaking. Thoughts and prayers to Mr. Iwata's family, friends and Nintendo. You will be missed. :(

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I too would be be appreciative if someone would send me an invite. GT is MyNiceIceLife. Thanks.

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Krazy Predictions

  1. Roman Reigns heel turn to help Seth Rollins
  2. Brock Lesnar makes the save for Ambrose
  3. Lucha Dragons win tag titles.
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I was in the entire Torchlight 2 TNT with Ryan, which was also the only one I tried to get in. Was fun.

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@amp_1986 said:

Random thought. Was Dean Ambrose's injury during the IC ladder match a work to explain why Dean didn't stop Seth from cashing in?

That would be giving WWE Creative too much credit and in reality they just forgot about the whole Dean Ambrose wanting to stop Rollins, like most things.

WM was alright. Happy that it was Rollins that got the title instead of Reigns, but still would have preferred if Lesnar won. I'm more interested/concerned on where they go from here starting tomorrow. Now that the main title is back on full time wrestler does that make the US and Intercontinental title still completely pointless even though they put them on Cena and Bryan? Are they just going to schedule a triple threat match at Extreme Rules so that Lesnar can lose again without actually losing? Fun questions, but none of them with any confidence behind them haha

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Roman Reigns is the new John Cena. He took the beating John Cena couldn't, he'll come back with the Superman punch/spear and WIN. I predict this.

And the chorus of boos will be deafening.

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Will Lesnar retain now that he's resigned? Will Reigns win anyways? I don't really care as long as I get to still hear Paul Heyman speaking for Lesnar I'll be happy (although I hope Lesnar wins haha).