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For new subs, the 35$ is worth it for Random PC Game alone. After that it's worth it if you want to keep supporting the duders.

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If I cancel my monthly sub, can I get the yearly for 35$? Or am I making this way more complicated than it actually is?

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Daikatana. And after that I learned my lesson. So thanks Romero, you've saved me a lot of money in the long run.

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You said it yourself in the opening post. Bloodborne

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So adventure games are being published by big publishers again. That's something right?

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I'm gonna have to echo the already-mentioned Bastion and Transistor. The soundtracks really hit it home on those.

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Sounds like a Spiders game all right. I kinda wished it didn't have this.

- Voice acting is decent, but the dialogue can be pretty silly at times. Its not a bad thing, just feels random at times. Like the part where your character was like ''did you not see me fry that huge fucking monster just now?''

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I also was pretty hyped to get in at launch, it was sold out for a long period, now I've cooled off on it. Now I'm wondering if I should wait for a bundle of some sorts, but don't know when they usually start doing those.

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I have no words. You will be missed

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What's next? Bullfrog is back you guys, bringing a visceral experience Populous: The FPS