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You guys should seriously read this if you have any interest in learning to play this game.

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@patrick:  So what? They're still pushing in micro-transactions in TF2.
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Sjat hell? This is a really 'coorporate' move from Valve. Combined with the 'pay to unlock shit in TF 2' stuff they pulles recently as well, I'm starting to worry about them...

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@baconbits33:  Wait hold the phone, when did I ever say I had any sympathy for the Taliban? All I said was that I'm tired of having them represented as one-dimensionally in any kind of media. Also, it's fucking "you're" as in - "you are", not "your" as in a possessive.
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@Voidoid:  Exactly. I'm so fucking sick of the dehumanization of the Taliban. It's fucking tragic to see people insisting on such a black and white world view, where the Americans/westerners are the inherent good guys who can do no wrong, and all those FILTHY foreigners are Satan worshipping hedonists who eat babies for lunch.
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This game better have a level where you're wearing power armor and a heavy flamer, while hunting tyranids inside of a space hulk.

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A lot of the reviews for this game have been flat out factually wrong. While there is no story progression in the game, it still has a story, it is stated clear as day in the 'how to play section'. A lot of reviewers have likewise said the game is lacklustre on information about how the different characters work, this is again explained in detail in the 'how to play' section, including that Shanoa, Jonathan, and Charlotte directly improve as they cause damage with their abilities, hell Jon and Charlotte get direct stat increases at specific milestones! Did games journalists suddenly forgot how to read? I'm honestly shocked by how poorly this game has been represented in reviews so far.

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I love the hell out of this game. Castlevania has been cross-bred with Diablo, you are constantly gathering loot, finding new spells and etc. I have to point out that I was a huge fan of the 3 DS games were much of the content in this game comes from. My biggest complaint however, is that Jonathan cannot equip any other weapons than the Vampire Killer, which is a HUGE disappointment.

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I will most likely be awake anyway, and damn I'm itching for a new 2D Castlevania. Please be good!

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So, is Blizzard adopting Valve's marketing strategy?