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looking for an invite too


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deep silver has deep pockets...

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well I don't see any way this could go wrong.

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there are some hard grinding quests in this game.

the quests in the epsilon questline where you have to wear the uniform for 10 in game days straight. and then walk 5 miles in the goddamn desert in one sitting.

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@geekdown: Johnny is a shell of what he was. It is not properly explained, but Johnny became a meth addict in the 5 years in between GTA4 and GTA5.

I was actually disgusted by the way he was carrying himself. Good thing that he died.

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PS3 / Myslead

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the kanye west of game devs

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this bombcast and the whole situation is so surreal

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it's been a day since the news and I'm still upset.

I have never hungout or even seen any of the Giantbomb crew in person, yet I feel strangely connected to each and everyone of them. Been a member of the website ever since its creation and I feel like I have lost a dear friend.

My condoleances to his family and wife and all of the Giantbomb crew.


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this can't be real

this is a terrible news.