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The Forgotten Sands is about as average as they come 0

Over the years, Prince of Persia has seen a lot of changes.  From a witty, rebellious look to a darker, almost sinister tone to a cel-shaded tomb robber, the prince and his story have seen many redesigns.  The Forgotten Sands attempts to bring us back to the original Prince we know from The Sands of Time and bridge the gap between that and Warriors Within.  As a game that feels like it was almost forced to coincide with the movie release, it’s surprising how well the classic Prince of Persia set...

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A Late Look at Assassin's Creed II 0

I never played the original Assassin’s Creed. When it was releasing the previews never appealed to me and the general buzz around the game seemed to be that it had a lot of good ideas but executed them poorly.  When its sequel released I had already written the series off despite the positive remarks I kept hearing about it.  With the release of Brotherhood and seeing it become a game of the year contender, I decided I had to finally jump into the series.  With minimal knowledge of the original ...

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A Hardcore Look at Rock Band 3 3

Instruments: Drums/Guitar/Keyboard/Pro Keyboard Difficulties: Expert/Expert/Expert/Medium-Expert  Spades are accumulated through Road Challenges and go towards Career Goals. 'Tis the season to play rhythm games and my year of exploding gems on a highway comes to an end on Rock Band 3.  I am very impressed with what RB3 does right.  The system of goals, fans, and complete UI structure overhaul make the surrounding parts of the game feel totally new, and the addition of Pro modes makes the gam...

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Costume Quest made me want to be a Robot for Halloween 0

Halloween is a great theme for storytelling.  Of all the holidays, it's the most mystical, mysterious, and dangerous while remaining accessible to children.  Costume Quest uses the Halloween themes to its advantage and crafts a delightful story of a child searching for his or her lost sibling.  Helped by a lot of  fantastic writing, CQ ends up as an entry-level RPG that I think just about anybody could enjoy.The characters and dialog of Costume Quest are what make it unique.  Costume Quest's...

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Super Meat Boy hates you ( but it's awesome ) 0

 For those who don't know, I'm a huge fan of indie games.  In the past 2 or 3 years, I've probably had more fun with indie developed PC and XBLA games than almost any $60 retail release you could name.  Following this trend, Super Meat Boy delivers one of the hardest, but most fulfilling experiences I've had on XBLA.  The replay system is great to get a sense of how long a level took. The difficulty of SMB's ( clever acronym, huh? ) main story levels feel almost perfect.  The ramp up in chal...

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A Hardcore Look at Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock 2

 This is a hardcore look at the recently released Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, a lot of this stuff may sound nitpicky but for the hardcore community I think they are very important.  Just as most reviews you'll find for this game is geared towards the common gaming populace, this is geared towards the hardcore rhythm gaming populace. About My ExperienceInstruments: Guitar/DrumsDifficulty: Expert/Expert+Game Pedigree: GH1-5, GH:M, GH:SHGuitar Hero: Warriors of Rock goes far out of its way to pl...

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