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looool.......i feel your pain :(
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I have not long upgraded from 40gb to 500gb, but i waited till my friend bought his ps3 slim because the external drives i had were formatted with the wrong file system for the ps3 and would not recognise them. used my friends new ps3 slim to transfer the data to and from. There are some good you tube videos on how to upgrade.    
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Man gets home and tells wife "Get me a beer before it starts" he drinks it and says "Quick get me another before it starts" again she gets it and he drinks it and says "Another before it starts" She says "Listen here you lazy fat fucker, you walk in, sit down and start barking orders....  He says "Fuck me its started"
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Star Wars originals 
Matrix trilogy
Back to the Future trilogy
Blade trilogy
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Iron Maiden at Twickenham for 'Somewhere Back in Time' it was Awesome     
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"Oh, and is this up on Live/PSN/both? "
Not sure about Live but its on PSN
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@Crafted92 said:
"So yeah sometimes i see people dive off of tall buildings and manage to deploy a parachute or drop from heli's and do it but i cant figure it out i always just fall to my death when i try escape a exploding heli any clues on how to achieve these parachute falls ( Ps3 Controls Plz :D )   ta "

pressing X does the job, the longer you wait to deploy the chute the less chance you have of being shot on the way down, just dont leave it too late or you will get the epic fail screen :(
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@Darkstar614 said:
" @Gav47: Ah I see that is great, elxx takes FOREVER to update sometimes. If this updates faster I'm on board already. "

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@momentarylogic said:

the dogs bollox o_0
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Played em i feel old
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