I normally don't do blogs, and this is no exception.

You don't really want to read this, because I'm pretty much typing whatever comes into my head, as I would like to complete the quest tied into blog entries. 
Still, I should probably add some content to it by talking about something that's been bugging me recently. People seem to think that stories in games are a sort of second class feature of games, and they should always come second to shiny graphics and explosions. I think these people forget the glory days of games like Myst, and many other point and click adventure games. Those were some good times, and it's always an entertaining story that draws me into a game and keeps me there. Even if the story is a bit... terrible, I can still sometimes laugh at it because it's so bad, and also enjoy it that way too. There's the other side of the coin too, though. The side that takes stories in games super seriously, and doesn't like anything along the lines of the ridiculous and over-the-top, case in point being the DMC series and Bayonetta. Guys, we all know the story is ridiculous and silly, but that's why we like it. It's like being taken through a rollercoaster on LSD while in space, or something like that. Basically, I think that stories are equally important as good gameplay, at least for a solid and complete singleplayer experience.

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