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Another giveaway? Giant Bomb, you spoil us.

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The Sam and Max games are, from what I've seen, fantastic! The fact that this whole thing is bundled together is even more awesome, and is seriously looking like a must-buy, even with my limited budget. Damn you war economy!

(Here's hoping the persona 4 connection doesn't ruin this for me. Maaaaybe I should invest in a "real" login.)

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#8 is from Castlevania, NES? Called Vampire Killer? Or maybe just Main theme? I can't remember. Could be the game boy theme though, with that midi.

Edit: That totally seems like a bunch of guesses, and I'm no cheater. So Castlevania - Vampire Killer.

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So you're what? A Bigger Daddy? The Biggest Daddy? Now with interchangable parts, faster-than-plodding speed, and karate chop action!

Sure, it looks like Bioshock - but does it It looks like bioshock in the same way that Gears of War two looks like Gears of War one?

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"Let me show you why they call it.. The Shocker."

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