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Yep. Though it'll be nice to play Batman or Witcher 3 without upgrading my PC like crazy, Type O HD and Bloodborne are like THE reasons why I want a PS4.

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I'd love to get this, busy with other games but hey! life of a gamer :P

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generally ultimate skins have been launching near 1800-1900 RP price (which is roughly 15$) for a few days before they shoot up to 3250 (about 25$). If you can get it near launch, it's better. If you miss it, don't bother.

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just got Guilty Gear and the Leo dlc (ps3 version). Cool so far but man, I'm terrible and the game seems very stingy with directional inputs

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no KoF

Marvel yet again (Seriously, no more X factor Vergil sword supers with Doom hidden missiles and Soulfist Soulfist Soulfist. Enough's enough :| )

Melee (great, really supportive community but matches are boring as shit to watch and roster has little variety. I'm expecting a finals to at least include Fox McCloud)

would rather see DoA Last Round make it over Melee but oh well. Maybe there will be side tourneys

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was hoping this game would be like true blue survival post-apocalypse kind of thing without all the stupid "infected zombie virus freak" stuff everyone has been doing. Kind of like "This War of Mine" realism but set in a post apocalypse but then trailer comes out and it's oh, it's basically Borderlands meets Rage. Sucks to see a studio close down but game didn't look promising from the start.

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Marvel Heroes but with a small caveat: achievements are still not in (despite "will definitely make 2014"), industry city patrol flat out sucks, patches are always playing the "I wonder what'll be broken this week" game and having best-in-slot items tied to weekly events that you'll have to grind for just....ugh. No, Gaz. No.

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Luftrausers - "hey soundtrack is pretty nifty, and game does have cool styl....sorry, sttttttyyyylllle but good lord does it get old quick.

The Fall - in terms of story set up, yeah it's great. As a game? Frustrating and worst parts of adventure game design "now what do I do?"

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pretty simple fight but epic theme to go along with it and oddly made it more "epic" than fighting Malthael

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Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Assassins Creed Unity (technical issues aside)

Guilty Gear Xrd