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Kind of hoping Nintendo releases a full-on statement and tribute. We all know when Ryan passed we had a rather heartfelt article about it yet Nintendo puts out basically a company memo.

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Remember Me

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Atelier Shallie

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and it's not even finished either.

Koji Igarashi's game, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night , is now the highest crowdfunded game on Kickstarter, beating out previous record holder, inXile Entertainment's Torment: Tides Of Numenera , which was at 4,188,927$.

Guess people really do want their Metroidvania kicks, huh?

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Shantae: Risky's Revenge

also (and I'm sure I'll get it for this :P ) but I think Order of Ecclesia's better than SotN

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watched Madoka Magica....damn that show is good, so needed something a bit more light I picked Clannad.

Whoops. Episode 9 can really hit like a truck.

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Yep. Though it'll be nice to play Batman or Witcher 3 without upgrading my PC like crazy, Type O HD and Bloodborne are like THE reasons why I want a PS4.

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I'd love to get this, busy with other games but hey! life of a gamer :P

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generally ultimate skins have been launching near 1800-1900 RP price (which is roughly 15$) for a few days before they shoot up to 3250 (about 25$). If you can get it near launch, it's better. If you miss it, don't bother.

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just got Guilty Gear and the Leo dlc (ps3 version). Cool so far but man, I'm terrible and the game seems very stingy with directional inputs

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no KoF

Marvel yet again (Seriously, no more X factor Vergil sword supers with Doom hidden missiles and Soulfist Soulfist Soulfist. Enough's enough :| )

Melee (great, really supportive community but matches are boring as shit to watch and roster has little variety. I'm expecting a finals to at least include Fox McCloud)

would rather see DoA Last Round make it over Melee but oh well. Maybe there will be side tourneys