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Maya cause my Lilith was my girl in first one

plus I'll do the mechromancer when she's out

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@Tim_the_Corsair said:


colors of the world! spice up your life!

Every boy and every girl! Spice up your life!
People of the world! Spice up your life!

aaaaaaaahhhhhh slam it to the left!

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colors of the world! spice up your life!

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I will agree with the AI, it's abysmal. Instead of games like Blazblue or MK where really only the final bosses gave me any kind of "trouble" on normal, even on Easy, I can be outzoned to death by Parasoul/Peacock, they're not afraid to bust out a 18-hit combo on you and whatnot. Granted I am using a 360 controller and don't play fighting games that often but holy shit, easy is supposed to be easy not Evo wannabe difficulty

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Guys, guys. GFWL will be part of the Dark Souls experience.

and just to make the PC version even more enhanced and difficult, it'll be sold through Origin too

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since somebody said the X-Files, I give you the next creepiest theme in TV music and that is of course

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I wonder if this article will get as many "I DONT GIVE A SHIT" comments as the Robert Bowling one did

unlock Call of Duty games, Journey was actually good so think people care

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in honor of Diablo 3 coming out, they should livestream D2 in co-op in its entirety (or at least how much they can get in a day livestream

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<checks pockets>

<checks under bed>

Hm, can't seem to find a fuck to give

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Because then the people who opted-in to every damn beta for months (like me) won't have anything to be depressed about