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Old Republic for both

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I would've picked Brink for most disappointing. Even in all its flaws, I found DA2 entertaining in spots and even started replaying earlier this month. Brink on the other hand I really thought would be better with its single player/multiplayer mix, class based combat (which I always loved) and cool setting. Even when there wasn't any lag, game was just shit.

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what I want to know since I haven't listened to the podcast but they did they at least MENTION Trine 2 in best looking because that would be criminal

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Vinny actually reminds me of the guys from the Beastie Boys "Sabotage" video

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I think I clicked on this topic just to see if someone would explain what the hell a MUD was.

And now that I

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my current Old Republic folder, downloaded with last patch: 19.4 gigs

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Oh and by the way, I found this on their Help page so as buried as it is, they at least had it somewhere:

Please note that there are 30 days free game time included with your purchase, but you will have to choose a subscription plan in order to finalize setting up your game account (you will not be billed until the 30 free days are up).

If you do not wish to subscribe after the 30 free days, you can simply cancel your subscription and you will not be billed on your renewal date.

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@McShank said:

@Seppli: Wow was this way. DC universe was this way at launch.. I believe Rift was the same also.. All MMO's require some sore of payment info BEFORE you can start the game for the free time.. if you are so butt hurt about it, be like everyone else, get a CC or hell... a Debit card :O <------ My god, who knew! And put it on the account. Start the game then go and remove that cards info and you are done.

No they don't. Not sure how DC Universe was on PC but WoW and DCUO never asked me to provide credit card stuff when I bought it. You bought game, got free month and once it was over, THEN you decide whether to give them CC information or use game cards.

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Stealth bears. One's I don't hear in my headphones it's like "ow, something hit me from behind, what the...oh shit, a BEAR!"

I can't remember the enemy type but it's the draugr's that can do the force shout back at you. Mainly because it takes so.damn.long to stand up

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@flufflogic: I was the same way for the longest time...until I remembered the King of Rock and Roll also had a dog, well, not a real one but still a dog