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first heard it on an AMV of Fate/Stay Night. Also recommend their covers for Blower's Daughter (Damien Rice), Bad (U2), and Every Breath You Take (The Police)

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Too long. My body always gets used to falling asleep at a specific time (currently it's between 3:30 to 5 AM) so even if I went to bed early, I'd just lay there tossing and turning the entire time

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damn Blizzard, why aren't you nice to me? :(

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from the Chobot to the horrible book to the multiplayer...Im almost nervous about this game

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I quit for now. I'll go back one day but I think I overplayed it

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It'd be awesome if the Artist won. A silent B&W movie winning Best Picture?

If not that then Hugo. As long as it's not Extremely Loud..., Midnight in Paris or the Help I'm happy

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DC Universe Online on the PS3. Now the game was fine and I enjoyed playing it...but I hate subscription fees and that bastard takes up 20 gigs and I still have a 40 gig so why'd I buy an MMO that takes up more than half of my hard drive space and requires a subscription fee?

oh and Witcher 2 simply because one of these days I'll buy a better graphics card instead of the shitty Intel HD card I have now so my idea was "well buy Witcher 2 now, day comes I buy new GPU, game's ready to be played". This would be great if that wasn't a month ago so now it just sits there taunting me like "I'm an awesome RPG and you can't play me yet, sucker!"

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Can't carry a tune to save my life but doesn't stop me singing everything on my iTunes

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If it's challenging and puts skills to the test but it doesn't "bullshit" me to death a la Ninja Gaiden 2, I'm all for it. Demon's Souls was great at being difficult but once you learned how to play, you might go entire stretches without dying once. Something like World at War on veteran with its horrible checkpoints, endless grenades, and braindead squad AI is not something I enjoy.

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I just didn't think there was any real "story" to speak of. At least those gauntlet areas explained things about characters but having Ruck occasionally go "she would always do this but then she don't do that no more" is not characterization, it's just being lazy. They're not "characters" we can relate to, they're just things. Like if I were to describe a lamppost.

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Bastion. It's a good game, but I can't fucking stand anything from it.

THANK YOU! God, feels like I'm the only one that can't stand that game.

Maybe you just didn't see them, but there have been many many threads saying this. It got to the point where the responses were filled with people saying to stop making those threads. People don't mind hearing the opinion, but the amount of threads that were created saying the same thing got annoying. Don't worry, you are not alone in your distaste.

Also, GTA IV never clicked with me. I have liked some open world games, but the whole series was never really my thing i guess.

Well seems like anyone that even brings up Bastion is like "dude I know right, game's awesome!" Was just nice to see at least someone badmouth it

Well GTA4 just sucked period. Which reminds me: pretty much every Rockstar game since they entered the PS3/360 era. Back in the PS2 days, their games were the shit: endless amounts of stuff to do, tons of weird little side stuff and those games pretty much encouraged a "just do whatever the fuck you want". Now they're so focused on making the most detailed, realistic and gorgeous games around that they forgot the FUN part about a game. No I don't want to play horseshoes or go see Ricky Gervais or find stupid pigeons but they seem to less encourage it