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not sure whether they're actually deep or....idk what they are but I'm gonna do a Rush song (blasphemy I know) and the "chorus" to You Bet Your Life:

Anarchist reactionary running dog revisionist

Hindu muslim catholic creation / evolutionist

Rational romantic mystic cynical idealist

Minimal expressionist post-modern neo-symbolist

Arm chair rocket scientist graffiti existentialist

Deconstruction primitive performance photo realist

Be-bop or a one drop or a hip hop lite pop metallist

Gold adult contemporary urban country capitalist


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wonder what the enhanced graphics will be. If it's what was first shown....maaaaybe? But if it's just a sharper looking version of what we already have then nah

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always bugs me reading PR statements. It's so...executive-speak.

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kinda sad to go. The way they handled kit and shaper (hero) design, objectives, roles, it felt like a moba but enough differences that it wasn't a straight up clone (such as Infinite Crisis let's say). But there were some problems:

  • 1)It's EA. They like money and they want it now. They don't culture or breed games, that shit has to sell and pronto.
  • 2) It barely got advertised and many didn't even know it existed, let alone getting shut down.
  • 3)No bundles. There was no way to say, mass purchase a group of shapers to get you going, everything had to be bought individually so their last shaper, Lillin....if you wanted her but didn't have the account currency, you had to buy her, her release skin, and her announcer pack separately, no bundle or discount for you.
  • 4)The reward/karma system at the end of matches sucked. Flat out.
  • 5)It took them so long to even get sales or discounts of any kind which kind of made the real money purchases a bit alienating.
  • 6)The game had a system similar to LoL's rune system but it was poorly explained and to be honest, was kind of unnecessary.

Just throwing out there my thoughts since my moba experience isn't strictly League/Dota. Sad to see it go while IC still gets to stick around.

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campaigns I'd go with Reach and ODST. I loved how different they both felt and even though they might've had their "dead" levels (a Cortana, Library style level), the different vibes made me prefer it more.

MP well I haven't played Halo 2 online but I'd say 3.

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dishwasher at a small little restaurant. Wasn't bad but I hated the people running it and the kitchen was more a long kitchen than a wide one and one of the main chefs was a rather big woman so trying to get past her to put the dishes away? Ugh.

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Hatsune Miku Project Diva F - 20$ on PSN store so caved and got it and man, there's some catchy shit in here

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felt weird, I pronounced the title as Heaven Sward, and was like "wait, isn't that how Ryan used to pronounce "sword", same with robot as "ro-bit"?....I miss Ryan

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save : 16 h 18 mins on Normal

Amazing game. To the game's credit, even though there's parts I'm not a fan of and the one-hit kill of one particular enemy was aggravating, the game never felt boring but I will admit the game kind of feels long. You're doing a lot of things and then it's like "oh no...Ripley we need you to.." whatever it is and it's like really?

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I heard it on a stream on twitch, first reaction was "pssh, dumb twitch chat again", until someone posted a link, so I checked a different website ...and yea.