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saw Elizabeth Olsen's in it


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part of me is like the above guy and part of me is hopeful so we'll see.

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the Templar keys and Mayan stuff for sure

all the weird little chests, bottles and fragments? nope. Songs though a little bit...

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Persona 5. 4 was great and all but I'd rather not deal with another TV

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thought this was a Beck song always, nope it's a 80's song

stripped down version of a Ronettes song

original is a Rihanna typical dance...thingy, this is a more African-influenced one with violin

never got into Depeche Mode....yet everyone doing their covers I prefer so here's another

and I'm done.

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Assassin's Creed 3, Metro 2033 (wish I turned off crosshairs first) and Skyrim

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there's let's try these out, modded my game for some graphical stuff so let's see how it goes:

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50 gigs? jesus christ!

that new fish AI apparently is really resource demanding

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btw, have no idea how to make screens look all pristine and fancy. I just F12 and post :(

Don't save them as .jpgs, it reduces the quality of the image. If you're using the screenshot function in Steam, you can go to settings > in-game and check "Save an uncompressed copy outside of Steam", that will allow you to save your images in .png.

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